Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For your listening pleasure...

Okay, so it appears after 24 hours of cursing, swearing and heavy sighing, I have managed to get THE FIRST EVER REDNECK WEBCAST posted to the blog!

I had to download freeware to convert .wma files to mp3 files, figure out exactly what in the world Podbean.com meant when it said it uploaded the file, but the file was nowhere to be found anywhere in the universe only to find that I had posted about 14 posts without audio. Yeah. It's been good times. My family will be glad to have me back now.

And on that note I leave you to listen to my sister and I laugh like the total dorks we are, talk about facial hair, beer and depressing people. I hope you keep reading my blog now and that you still respect me in the morning.

So sit back, have a listen, tell your friends, your momma and your Uncle Joe to listen and please, for the love of all things redneck, LEAVE A COMMENT!!!

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Anonymous said...

Woooot!! Loved it!! I have never seen my own husband without his mustache, but I don't like beer. Will Dr. Pepper work?

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Yeah, y'all are freakin' hilarious. Some random observations:

Po' Paul with his naked face!

Also, love that Tater said "Beauty Shop."

The beer thing? For me it used to be beer combined with Copenhagen.

Loved it.

Carmel said...

Loved the podcast. And, excuse the mess if this is the third comment. Computer issues...

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

Your words are so well enunciated. :)

Robin said...

Love it!! Good giggles!!

Going Like Sixty said...

I'm sitting here with a goofy grin on my face because of your giggling. I love to hear the voices of bloggers.
Very cool.
Sisters giggling is so cool. Just giggling...

word verifier: fonyoubk!!!
phone you back!!!

PS: give blogtalkradio a try, it's so simple.

Going Like Sixty said...

OK, now I've listened to the whole thing.
You Guys! Just to riff on Oxygen and mustaches and beer and make it fun is cool.
Does tater know about the H20 bar I have? If she loves Oxygen, she will love the H20 bar - hair strained crick water.

Jax said...

Wow! Very funny! Pop Rocks are fun, I don't think they are as strong as they were when we were kiddo's!
Anyway it was a JOY listening to you and your sister, I was LOL and my kids were looking at me like I was crazy! LOL Imagine that!

jusdealem said...

"I met a sailor."


"No. That's a pirate."

LMAO Ya'll are so funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Way cool to hear two sisters having such a good time together. Please do this again!

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