Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good news/bad news

Good news - Jake came home!

When I came home from getting my new Rockr that I am going to sleep with tonight, under my pillow, clutched in my hand because I love it so much, he barked at me. As soon as those three kids heard him bark they were flying out that front door so fast Jake hunkered down like he was in trouble. Bless his puppy heart. He's been in a fight, has a couple of pretty good scratches on his back, but other than that he's fine.

Bad news - No podcast tonight.

We ran down to Wyandotte to visit with Paul's brothers and on the way home Abby said she wasn't feeling good. We walked in the door and she immediately started yakking. Poor kid. We haven't decided yet if it was carsick or if she's got a bug. Regardless, she's still really dizzy and queasy, so any attempts at recording anything are put on hold until tomorrow after church. Tater's on board, so unless someone else starts ralphing between now and then we should be a go.

Oh yeah, more bad news - No hair pictures either.

Because I have yet to actually fix my hair. I know, I'm a skank. Actually I just didn't feel like fixing it, plain and simple. If I'm going to show the entire innernets my hair, I want it to look good because I am vain that way.

So Jax, honey, you might as well go rent Enchanted or watch the new SpongeBob followed by the Kids Choice Awards or paint your toenails. Nothing to see here tonight except a puking eleven year old and me in my pajamas with really bad hair.


Jax said...

Well actually the kids opted to play the Wii, but Hoss jumped up not 5 minutes ago and brought the trash can into the living room bc he thinks he might have to throw up in a lil bit! So YAY ME!!!

jac said...

gesh. so there goes my saturday night plans!
seriously though, i hope abs is feeling better. poor thing.

Jax said...

The boys are driving me nuts to go to Wal-Mart, so I will check back here after we return!

Anonymous said...

i must have missed something. are you podcasting now?

Anonymous said...

Are you alive? I saw Wyandotte on the weather map today and was all "so THAT'S how you pronounce that word!!! That's where RedneckDiva lives!!"


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