Friday, March 21, 2008

Have a cigar, it's spring, my friends

Yesterday I worked four hours, then because I didn't have enough fun in that amount of time, I went back and worked two more. I know, I'm sick that way. It was either that or go back and work today, MY DAY OFF, and the prospect of that just didn't make me happy. Didn't make Paul or the kids happy either, so I split my time and got it done. Which is good - if I'd gone in today I'd have been forced to partake of the merriment that is Good Friday at the Department of Human Services. I can only imagine what that would've been like. Plus, I don't partake of merriment with most of my coworkers anyway.

Last night Kady went to spend the night with her "bestest fwiend evew" so Paul, the other two kids and I settled in to watch Bee Movie after LOST was over. (The only episode of LOST that I haven't watched in its entirety in the history of the show. I know! I wasn't all too pleased about it either. I'm totally thinking we need to move on up to this century and get a DVR. I hear it's all the rage with kids these days.) Anyway, back to the movie about held my attention for all of thirty minutes, which was bout 29 longer than it held Paul's. When I woke up as the end song began to play, Abby was curled up next to me and Sam was the only one still awake. He declares it to be "freakin' awesome" but when three out of four people sleep during it, I'm not wholly convinced. He is nine, ya know.

Poor little Abby lost her voice last night, bless her heart. She really didn't feel good, looked worse and sounded awful, but while she's till snotty today, she seems to be feeling better. She's still croaky, but heck, so am I and I had the flu a month ago. Today, though, she's better enough to have caught a two foot long catfish down at the pond with her daddy and brother this morning. She just now came and hollered at me to "Hurry, Momma and COME'RE!" I ran out to the porch thinking Paul was having a heart attack or had hooked himself with a lure or something, but instead I see my oldest daughter, my pre-teen who looks frighteningly fully-teen, holding a five pound catfish by the mouth, just pretty as you please. She was beaming as she said, "Omygosh you HAVE to take my picture with it!" Now, Kady would not be caught dead holding a fish, but stuff like that rocks Abby's world to no end. I'm not on the laptop now, but the next time I'm on it, I'll add the pictures to this post, so check back. Because I'm sure you have nothing better to do.

Mom picked up Sam and Kady awhile ago and she and Pops are taking them to see Horton Hears a Who. Ab saw it earlier in the week with a friend, so the plan was to rent I Am Legend so she could watch it. She's so much like me in that she loves to get scared on a fairly regular basis, but Sam and Kady are still a bit young for end-of-the-world-cancer-vaccines-gone-wrong-and-mutated-humans-eating-people movies. Unfortuantely, the two videos stores in town have no copies in and won't until Tuesday. Movie Gallery has 100 copies and they're all gone - the clerk said they were lined up outside in the rain on Tuesday. Now, it was a good movie and I really liked it, but it wasn't worth standing outside in a line at the video store the morning it's released. If you like it that much, people, go buy it. Geez. So, tonight we're watching Sydney White, which is definitely no doomsday flick, but I still have a teeny tiny girl crush on really like Amanda Bynes, so I'm sure it'll be fine.

Mamacita now has three kittens. The other two were born today. Yeah, today or at the very earliest last night very late. This whole ordeal started on Wednesday! I've never seen or heard of anything like it. I could be wrong on how many were born today - we still haven't figured out if the first one was miraculously healed or if it died and she carried it off. Regardless, the kids think it's the original kitten and that's all that matters. She moved them to the barn, which is bad parenting in my opinion, since she puts them on plywood which is laid across the rafters. Oh, it's fine now, but when they start moving around.......well, last time she had a litter, Paul was standing in the barn working on the tractor when a kitten fell on him. It, of course, fell to the ground, he picked it up and hollered at me, "Dear, it's raining kittens!" The kids tried to relocate them yesterday, but she immediately put them back. Thankfully the boat is gone now and she won't hide them in the hull like last time. Oh, that was a mess.

I have to think of something really exhausting to do with the kids tomorrow since we have to get up at 4am on Easter Sunday. Sunrise Service starts at 7:00 which means we have to leave here by 6:30. The kids want to hung eggs before Paul leaves for work, therefore we will be getting up well before the sun rises. I hope the Easter Bunny has us up at the top of his list - otherwise we're going to beat him.


Jax said...

Thank goodness it wasn't a heart attack or a lure to the scrotum! HAPPY EASTER!!!

Sam said...

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