Monday, March 03, 2008

In like a lion

Saturday, even though I still wasn't cleared to be out amongst people yet, my mom and her fiance' (that is just weird to mom's fiance'......yep, still weird) and my sister and her kids came out to our house. Wanna know why?

To fly kites!!!

We had a couple of Strawberry Shortcake kites leftover from Kite Day at school a few years ago, but Mom and Pops said not to worry, they had kites for the kids. A couple of Dora the Explorers for TotOne and Kady, a couple of Spidermans for the boys and Abby stuck with the old Strawberry Shortcake. Paul dug around in the barn and came out with a ratty looking Pooh bear kite that he patched with cardboard and duct tape. He ain't called a redneck for nothin', folks.

Mom and I got the kids out in the middle of the field and started helping them all get their kites going and here comes Pops......with the most gigantic kite I have ever seen in my life. HUGE!! The kids were awestruck and suddenly those Spiderman and Dora kites paled in comparison with the gigantic multi-colored thing that Pops was launching.

The wind was really blowing and the men decided that the tails on the kites were too light for the wind that day, so Paul went to the barn and returned with a roll of duct tape and a fishing pole. He rigged his ragtag Pooh Bear kite to the fishing pole and folks, if there was ever a doubt that my husband was a redneck, well, that right there should alleviate any of that nonsense. After his kite was soaring with the help of a spoonbill rod, he and Pops set out to make heavier tails for the kids' kites - with the duct tape. Eventually there were six kites in the air, all soaring with the help of a roll of $2 duct tape from Wal*Mart.

When I was a smartass teenager walking the halls of good ol' Wyandotte High like I owned the place, if you had told me that someday I would be standing on my very own 40 acres with my husband and our children, flying kites with the help of duct tape and a fishing rod, I'd have laughed in your face and told you that you were SO like, smokin' dope, for sure. Because I was like, so going to marry a doctor and drive a Volvo and drink martinis.

Martinis are so overrated.


Lady Beekeeper said...

I bet you think you made the right life decision, don't you?

Looks like fun and that really is a cool kite thingie.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Y'all rock! Sounds like a blast.

Anonymous said...

My boss got a label-thingy too. I've learned to lock my door if I'm gone, or I come back and EVERYTHING has a label! She even labeled me a time or two but I can't repeat that, this is a family show!

The fishing pole, duct-tape, kite....yep been there. Paul should come sit in the boat in the FRONT yard next to the hiway and practice his casts with Coach. It's soooo not embarrassing!

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