Thursday, January 04, 2007

They got skillz

Sam's first basketball game was tonight. And by cracky if those little Sooners didn't WIN!!!

The evening didn't start out all that wonderful, so the win has this momma veritably walking on air now. I needed a boost. I needed to jump up (okay, not so much jump as more like hoist myself up out of) from my lawn chair and holler and clap and cheer like a true basketball mom. I needed to anxiously await him finding me when the game was over and get the all-clear to kiss his sweaty little head not in front of the guys, hand him the bottle of water this his little sister had been slurping out of when he was out on the floor playing but he didn't know that, and I needed to hold his sweaty Nike Shox (the only Nike Shox he will ever own in his life - I hope he can still wear them when he plays college basketball) while he put his sweats on and gloated in the gloriousness that is making a come-back and winning your first game by one point in the last 30 seconds and holding off those aggressive little other players from that other team who have those coaches.

Really. I needed that.

Because before the game started I stood on the Civic Center stage and shook with utter fury at the other basketball mom who thought she was so cute when she moved her row of chairs directly in front of my row of chairs no matter where I moved mine. I put them on the left and instantly hers were on the left. So I calmly moved mine to the middle. She then found it absolutely crucial to her health and well-being to move her chairs to the middle as well. When I moved mine to the right, I did it after her family had already plopped their hinies down into her row of chairs and they weren't going to move even though she wanted them to. Oh yes, she really did want them to. At that moment I loved her family. She was so dang smug and hateful and I instantly didn't like her.

When Mom got there I was still standing behind my row of chairs, guarding against anyone even daring to breathe near them, and was still fuming. I told Mom, "If I still smoked, I'd have a whole carton in my mouth now." That's how mad I was. Y'all might think it a bit petty of me, but seriously, she was just doing it to make. me. mad.

It was mere moments later when I found out who her husband is. And really, all I have to say is this: I should probably be nicer to her because I kissed her husband oh.....about 17 years ago and well, if that was the only person I was allowed to kiss every day for the rest of my life, I'd probably be a cranky, too.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Bryce wanted to play in that league but I knew too many of the other parent's and there was no way I was adding that stress to my life right now! Just think, it was only the first game, imagine the rest of the season! Good luck! Email me w/ Sams #, I will make him a sweat towel.

Kellyology said...

LOL! Still hard to feel sorry for her though, huh?

Carrie said...

Congrats to Sam and his little team! That's so exciting!

Mrs. E said...

Dang it Diva, you let her win. She made you mad. Next time, smile one of those oh so sweet smiles and ask her where she is going to sit. Then move your chairs in front of hers. I bet you and your family could easily take her and hers. Or tell her that you aren't really into muscial chairs at a basketball game so maybe she should plant her chair and stay out of your way. People can only take advantage of you if you let them. Call them on their behavior and they give you more room. Trust me on this one. I have many years of experience.

Thank goodness Sam's team won. Yea!!! Hooray!!!

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