Monday, January 15, 2007

Hey, I'm still here, by cracky!

Whaddaya know....we still have power. That could change at any minute, I realize that, but for now I'm taking advantage of it. The tree limbs that are coated in an inch of ice are starting to break because the wind is blowing today. Our big oak trees in the front yard are fine, but the maples in the back aren't doing so good. They're lookin' pretty pathetic actually. I just hope we keep power. I've stripped the kids' beds and I really don't want to be stuck with a washer full of wet sheets.

Paul's mom and nephew are taking turns staying at the house while we're gone because it's so cold. There's also supposed to be another snow event coming in by Saturday or Sunday. Ayi, ayi, it wrong for me to want to thumb my nose at the weather and say, "But yeah, we'll be in DISNEY WORLD, so g'head and snow ya big poopyhead"? Is that wrong? Because if it is, I'm not feelin' it. There are chances of rain pretty much every day we're there, but they're like 10% chances so I'm thinking that's just a Florida thing.

I packed the kids on Saturday and they've worn nothing but pajamas and sweats since then. (But then, so have I.) Their suitcase weighs in at 42 pounds and that leaves me a few pounds to play with it I need to throw something else in. Paul's and my suitcase, however, is the size of my bathroom and after putting in all of our clothes last night it weighed in at 56 pounds. Dang his super starched jeans. I totally blame it on the cowboy starch. I wanted the suitcases to be categorized and organized, but now there are some pajamas in the cosmetic case, some of my clothes in the carryon, some socks in the food's enough to drive someone with OCD mad, I say. Last night I would pack things, then lug the suitcases in to the kitchen to weigh them on the bathroom scale. Then I'd lug them back to the bedrooom, move things around, then lug them back to the kitchen. I bet I did that 6 times. Paul sat in his recliner and watched me go back and forth. If I could've lifted that biggest suitcase I'd have hit him with it.

I feel a little better about the whole school thing now. Once I turned in that last assignment I felt much better. I'm caught up in all classes until the week after we get back. I nearly worked myself into a nervous breakdown, but I did it, by golly. I really think that once the Disney trip is over and life resumes to some semblance of normal, I'll be fine.

History is turning out to be not as dreadfully painful as I thought. It's still not my favoritest subject, but it doesn't seem to be as bad as I remember it being in high school. (The teacher had a lot to do with that, I'm afraid. He and I clashed something fierce.) I've taken two quizzes and got a 90% and a 100%. An exam over the Constitution is coming up, but that's still a few weeks away, so I'm not worrying about it too much.

English Comp is very busy. Lots to read and lots to write, but again, I think once things settle down I'll get into a groove on it and adore it like I always have. If I weren't so dead-set against teaching, I'd consider teaching English. (No offense to any teachers out there - I just don't like teenagers. I don't like people, for that matter.) So far we've read a wonderfully sad short story and a Czchecoslovakian folk tale and the first paper due is a comparison of the two. It's been so long since I've written a paper that I'm a tinge nervous. I'd totally forgotten that MLA format existed.

Psychology is a little interesting, yet I'm not feelin' it. I think it might be one of those classes that is better taken in a classroom where you can get the full effect of a lecture and discussion. So far we've had to read a few articles, view a few websites and post a few discussions. There's a test the Monday after we get back and I don't think I'll have any problem with it, but again, I'm just not feeling the love for the subject in general. I was viewing a website yesterday about the different parts of the brain and their functions. Kady came in a said, "EWWWWW! Is that guts!?!?" I said, "No, that's a picture of the brain," and tapped her on the forehead with my finger. She made a face and said, "I had no idea dat cowwege meant you had to wook at bwains!"

I dropped Algebra and picked up Principles of Advertising and there is no textbook for it, I can't view the lectures she's posted and frankly, it is so far in the back of my mind that I forget I have the class. It's with my advisor and she's really sweet and said not to worry about anything until I get back from my trip. So I totally took her literally and I'm not worrying about it. Who am I to question a 23 year old instructor with a degree?

I wrote my first article for the campus newspaper. It was about the straightening of our town's Main Street. It has had a serpentine layout since the early 70's and now they're straightening it in an attempt to bring business back to downtown. I did two phone interviews and managed to get two entirely opposite opinions. I haven't heard from my instructor if it's good or if it sucks rocks, but since the college is out today because of the ice I doubt I hear anything about my first article until I get back and it's either published or not.

So there you have it. I think I've become rather boring since my enrollment in college. But who cares -

I'm goin' to Disney World!

If we can make it to the airport......


Anonymous said...

Don't like to lurk and I thought I would at least say that I'll be back. Love your posts...Need the laughs.
Enjoy Disney.

Kellyology said...

Good luck with that drive. I hope you're not heading out of Tulsa's airport. The roads here totally suck!

Queen Of Cheese said...

I wondered if you all still had power. We never lost it either, SCARY....

Anonymous said...

just started reading you, diva, good stuff!
have a great time in rat world!

The Cleaning lady

Sam said...

So, I wanted to give you packing advice (spread out clothes so if you lose a suitcase one person won't be naked) but then I realized (duh!) that you're there already. So, um nevermind. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

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