Monday, January 08, 2007

Kollij iz fun

It's 10:10pm and I just now finished writing my first paper for English Comp II, tried and failed to watch a video for Comp because of my slow dialup and now I'll have to go on campus to watch it, double-checked all of my reading assignments, had a few freakout moments because I thought I had an assignment due while I was gone, had a few more freakout moments over the two quizzes due while I'm gone that instead I'll have to do early and when the hell will I find time for that and can finally start my reading assignments for tonight.

Holy shit, how do teenage college students do all of this and manage to party? I didn't even cook dinner tonight, dammit.

I did, however, squeeze in a very chilly game of basketball with my husband and son, listen to a 2nd grader's reading assignment and go over his spelling words, talk my eldest down from the ledge she was on because she's so much like her mother that she's freaking out about her schoolwork while we're in DISNEY WORLD (!!!), give my youngest a shower and tickle her breathless afterward, listen to my son read a story to his little sister (which brought a tear to my eye it was so sweet), coordinate a sock and underwear sorting and folding party in the living room floor, shed a few tears of frustration and take a shower.

Wow. What a first day of school.


Cazzie!!! said...

Sorting the laundry is not fun, i hate pairing the socks when you cannot find one of them..what is with that? They go to sock Heaven? Is there a black hole for socks and pens too?? Just wondering :)

Shannon said...


Thank goodness I am almost FINALLY finished!!!
You will do great though, I have confidence in ya!

And just think you are going to DISNEY WORLD!!

Carrie said...

Congratulations on balancing it all! Mothers make great multi-taskers by nature!

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