Wednesday, January 03, 2007

DISNEY WORLD basketball short hair

I'm totally stealing from Hillbilly Mom by using that title format, but dagnabbit, I miss reading her and I have to show her I still stalk care about her even if I haven't been a good blogfriend lately.

I totally forgot to mention that the day after the day after Christmas (to clarify: the day after I had the kids treated for fungus) the girls and I had appointments at the Li'l House of Hair and Nails for post-Christmas 'dos. Kady had about a foot of hair cut off of her little head. If I could've stood the gnarly mess for a little longer we'd have had enough to donate to Locks of Love, but as it was, I was tired of brushing it out and we selfishly cut it just 2 inches short of a donatable length.

Abby got about 12 pounds of hair cut off. That child took after Paul when it comes to her hair. She has TONS of it. Kristy, our new Favoritest Haircutter Lady, layered it quite a bit and thinned it out to a much more healthy length. Abby even said that her neck felt better after it was cut. I would bet so! That stuff's heavy!

I am now sporting a new very short haircut once again. It's shorter than chin-length. It's a bit shorter than I wanted, but I still like it. When it's curly I look a little old ladyish, so I've been straightening it every day. It's just short and curly - like I've had my hair set with those scratchy curlers and then sat under the dryer for half an hour then had it all combed out and set with half a can of Aqua Net until my next appointment next week, same day, same time. It's not too awful bad, but I'm saving that look until I'm at least oh......76 or so. Maybe 74. Still, Kristy cut it very well and I'm happy because I no longer look like Phyllis Diller. I have an appointment next weekend which was originally made to just get all-over color like last time, but I'm thinking now I might just throw caution to the wind and get foils. Eek. Such decisions.

Speaking of decisions........... is 13 days too early to start packing for DISNEY WORLD??? I'm so ready to pack it's not even funny. I have to keep reminding myself that it really is just entirely too early. Between now and when we leave we have 2 basketball games, 1 Girl Scout meeting which will include Cookie training because I'll be in DISNEY WORLD the week before we start selling, God knows how many basketball practices, 1 gymnastics class, AND the beginning of my online college classes. OH and at some point in there I have to get with my advisor to figure out when I can do my hour on the newspaper each week. Not to mention the fact that Abby and Sam will have double homework this next week and a half because they'll be missing 7 days of school. Hmm...maybe I should pack now - it looks like I won't have time later.

Tater, the guru of All Things Disney, got all of our dinner and lunch reservations taken care of and it looks like on my birthday we will be dining with a whole slew of characters for two meals that day. Oh gosh, I get all fluttery when I think about it. Okay, really, I'll stop. I know y'all are probably sitting at your computers, chin resting in your hand, other hand on the mouse, scrolling down, rolling your eyes, thinking, "There she goes, squealing about Disney World again, blah blah blah." Y'all are just jealous. :-P

I bought my books today. Real live college books. $220 worth of real live college books. What cracks me up is that the most expensive one isn't a book at all, but a little pamphlet looking thingy with an access code on it. $87 for that puppy. It's Algebra, of course. Leave it to Algebra to be difficult and expensive. I've already gotten very attached to my Psych book and Tater says that I may be dangerous with it. I like to try to fix things. Give me a book about it and I'm near scary, even if it is the human mind. There are a lot of people I'd like to figure out - the people who ignore me in Target, the people who don't bathe and smell really bad, the close talkers, mumblers and various other folks that I daren't mention here. Oh yeah, methinks this will be a fun semester.

I bought a backpack while I was there, too. Mom said that was silly because my classes are online and duh, I don't need a backpack to travel to the internet, but hey, we needed a backpack for Disney World and also there might be times I need to run away and I'll need something to pack my clothes in for the trip. You know, when I hop a railcar and ride the rails with hoboes. ("Look kids! Vagabonds!") Plus, I looked really cool when I sauntered out of the bookstore with my backpack full of hundreds of dollars of books slung over one shoulder. I really did. Of course, I stopped looking cool when I started huffing and puffing and gasping for air and cursing the cigarettes that I no longer smoke but they still haunt me. Who knew that $220 worth of books could be so heavy?

Sam has his first basketball game tomorrow night. Bless his heart, he still has no clue what the game is all about. I want to cry because he's so stinkin' cute out there trying so hard, but still just not getting it. Abby was playing around with a basketball down in front of the bleachers where we were sitting and kept losing it and it would roll out into the other practice. When she coltishly ran out to get it, tried to dribble it and it bounced off her foot and flew in the other direction and she giggled and nearly fell when she tripped over her own feet, I declared to Paul, "You do realize that our children possess no athletic ability whatsoever, right?" He turned around and said, "And that is all your fault, Miss Computer Nerd." I wanted to come back with, "Oh? And your tobacco-chewing, deer-shooting, and cussing had nothing to do with it?" but I refrained. I was trying to be nice. I don't want to be those parents. That will come after we're divorced, because you know this is the year.

And by the way, who shrunk the bleacher seats at the Civic Center? When I was 17 and watching my boyfriend play basketball there I don't remember them being so narrow.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Man, your books were CHEAP! Mine were almost $700! Course I sprung for 2 day shipping so I didn't have to drive to Tulsa to pick them up. It's still cheaper than gas and turnpike fees though.
I have a really cool set of luggage if you need to borrow them for the trip----red hibiscus flowers! Paul will LOVE strolling through the airport with those in tow!

Cazzie!!! said...

So nice to wacth the kids have a go. Let's hope they continue to do so and have fun in the mean time. :)

Hillbilly Mom said...

I was starting to worry about you. I pictured you in a 55-gallon barrel somewhere between here and Oklahoma (which I shall always think of as Bigfoot Country because of that TV show with Bigfoot chuckin' rocks at those fools who went looking for him at night).

I knew that if Fitty got you, he would head for me next, and I'd have to go deeper into the Blogger Protection Program.

Glad you got a cool backpack. Don't start thinkin' of dressing up like a can of Coors Light.

Also glad you're taking care of the 12 pounds of hair and the fungus before the Disney World trip. You don't want Abby coming down with another case of The Amazing Technicolor Childfoot. Just sayin'...

Carrie said...

I'm almost as excited as you about Disney World! It's been exactly two months since we were there and I can still smell the magic on my luggage!
For those super-expensive college textbooks - remember that you SELL those back after the semester ends (as long as they're planning to use that same book again the following semester) When I was at NEO, the BIGGEST parties were the day of book buyback! HEE HEE!
I think my book money went towards manicures, tanning and/or a visit to Charlie's Chicken.

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