Friday, July 07, 2006

Farts is farts

Abby: I'm tired. And I'm hungry.

Me: Well, I have gas.

Abby: MOM!! (runs down the hall)

Kady: (pops a handful of Nerds in her mouth) Hmh. I guess she's just afwaid of fawts.

Sam: I'm afraid of Dad's farts more than Mom's. They're loud and they make my eyes water.

Kady: (rolls her eyes) Guysssssss....fawts is fawts. Dey awe awl stinky, no mattew how woud dey awe.


Anonymous said...

Why are farts so funny and of interest to one and all? One morning a few years ago as I walked across the front of the room to put out the absentee slip, I coughed, and yes, I passed gas at that very moment, and yes it was audible. I said,"Oh, I coughed!"My students said, "We don't think so." To which ne sweet girl, bless her heart for trying to make me feel better said, "Well, at least it didn't stink." Another one of those priceless moments in teaching!!!!!

Cap'n N's Mom

Kelli said...

I tend to think the quiet stealth bombs smell the worst..or maybe its just that the loud noise gives you time to prepare for nasal shutdown..

LanternLight said...

Women have gas???

First time I've ever seen it admitted.

- A very amazed (male) LanternLight

Cazzie!!! said...

Y'all need some peppermint water to get rid of the gas then , LOL

Stewed Hamm said...

In the words of my friend DU8's mom, the vice-consul of Girly-girls: "Girls don't fart, they 'have vapors.'"

Stacie said...

Have vapors! That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. But, I don't think Mike would concede to the idea of calling the loud explosions coming out of my body "vapors".

Carmel said...

Ah, I love kid's philosophical discussions. So true. A fart by any other name is just as stinky.

Redneck Diva said...

Cap'n N's Mom, in my job I fart and the kids giggle and think I'm hilarious. I love preschoolers.

Anne, I hadn't thought about nasal shutdown! Good theory!

Lantern, not only do I admit it, but I totally claim the really good ones. I became a happier wife when I finally started farting in front of my husband. It took me 10 years to get over whatever strange inhibition I had - aren't I nuts? But now...oh now, some nights we could charge admission to Duelling Intestines and supplement our income!

Cazzie!!!, or a Rolaids at the least.

Stewed Hamm, LOL! Vapors!! A friend of mine says that girls "fluff-fluff". It took me nearly a year to convince my youngest daughter to just say fart and quit soundin' like a nancy-girl.

Stacie, there's no way that what comes from me would be considered vapors OR fluff-fluff either! Vapors....I giggle when I think about calling it that.

Cissy, she's wise, that Kady. Well beyond her four years.

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