Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Calling all nerds

I know I spoke of being a nerd in my last post, but I have stumbled into a realm that I'm not quite so knowledgeable - the inner-workings of my computer.

Would anyone out there know why my burner is all of the sudden reading all blank CD's as not blank? It started when I tried to burn some songs (legally, mind you) onto a disk and it told me I should make sure my disk was clean and to try lowering the burn speed or a new brand of disks. I tried two new brands of disks to no avail.

Today I tried burning a photo CD and it kept popping my disc out and telling me to make sure I was using a blank CD.

Anyone out there who has any knowledge at all about stuff like this, I would SO appreciate your help!! I've been known to send cookies to helpful people.....


LanternLight said...

Well Diva, you need to tell us a little bit more (crystal ball just don't work over these distances).

What sort of PC is it?
Apple Mac?
Microsoft Windows?
*nix of some sort?

Queen Of Cheese said...

Sometimes my computer at work does that. I think it's the brand of disks I was using. Spent a little more money (well not MY money) and problem solved.

Redneck Diva said...

Lantern, wow, you're not only wanting cookies, you're wanting a whole dang dessert smorgasbord, aren't you? Regardless, it's cheaper than taking it in to the shop! :)

I run Windows XP, don't have a clue what VM/ESA is nor what you mean by "* nix of some sort". I discovered the problem with Windows Media Player, but when I tried to use Photoshop to burn photos I encountered the same thing.

Mrs. Coach, what brand did you end up getting? Because I've switched twice, going higher up in price each time. Soon I'm going to have an arseload of discs that won't work!

LanternLight said...


Try this first:


I've had the same problem, but my problem was caused by me swapping drive cables around.


VM/ESA is (was?) a operating system which ran on IBM "Big Iron" mainframes.

*nix is a general abber. for Unix and Linux.

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