Friday, July 14, 2006

Bunkin' up

A year and a half ago, two days after Christmas (because I'm insane) we bought the girls bunk beds, moved them into the same room and moved ourselves to Abby's former room which was formerly our room before it was formerly her room and made our former bedroom (the last former bedroom) into the toyroom/daycare. Make sense? Just nod.

Anyway, because I frequently get wild hairs (Or is it hares? Ooh talk about uncomfortable.) up my hiney and make rash decisions, we hadn't prepared ahead of time for the purchase of a bunk bed two days after Christmas. Evidently bunk beds are hot Christmas items because there were none to be found. Well, one to be found - at the flea market where we have a booth. He cut us a deal, seeing as how his mom and my mom are best friends and all. Turns out, he should've cut us a better deal. Like a free deal. It's not his fault, but that bed was a piece of crap. He felt really bad when we told him that his bunk beds were poop and the posts were splitting and we were afraid that we'd end up with a Kady-pancake one of these nights.

So right after Christmas this year we pulled the bunk beds apart and the girls have been sleeping in the beds side-by-side. Their bedroom is only about 10x8. Yeah. Poor girls can't even really say they have a bedroom, they just have beds. I finally got fed up last night when I tried to carry Kady back to her bed in the dark and nearly broke my neck trying to sidle around her bed, dresser and I think the entire contents of her closet which she had strewn about the 4 inches of walk space at the foot of her bed.

I had $100 left from my jackpot winnings that I had earmarked for a haircut and color, but I gladly gave it up in order for my daughters to have their bedroom back. Plus, Kady's desk has been sitting in my foyer for six months. AGH!! I'm tired of there being a red plastic desk greeting everyone that comes to my house!! Okay, so the desk doesn't actually greet people with a hearty hello and a hug or anything, but it is still the first thing they see when they open my front door.

So today I loaded up my three kids, Li'l Divinity and Chandler and we all headed to the furniture store. Mom met us there because she's my consumer advocate and can spot a problem a mile away. Plus, she's better at wheeling and dealing than I am. Well, they wouldn't wheel or deal because the bed was on sale and I'd love to have used my "That's not good enough" line that we learned in Financial Peace University, but to be honest, I didn't have the time or inclination to shop around. I wanted a bed, I wanted it today and I wanted it over and done with today. So I shelled out my precious last $100 and bought my girls a bed. Granted the bed isn't heirloom quality, but all I care about is that it will again effectively stack my girls on top of each other and ultimately free up floor space in their room and my foyer.

So, if you run into me at Wal*Mart and I'm wearing a ballcap, 'do rag or am sporting a bald head it's because I gave up a new 'do to get a red plastic desk out of my entryway. Don't laugh or even comment. Just ask to see pictures of the new bed because I will now be carrying a picture of it in my wallet.


Queen Of Cheese said...

I know you said to not comment, but like I care! First of all I already called and told you I want the old ones, secondly I always liked to refer to the red desk as the Concierge desk. You just didn't see it that way!

Redneck Diva said...

Well, you're the one that considered the four year old with a speech impediment the Concierge!

I'm so glad you can use those beds! Mr. Diva was all in ten kinds of a tizzy over what we were going to do with an extra matress and two beds. He said our carport was starting to look like Sanford and Son.

Melessa Gregg said...

I hope I spot you some day at Wal-Mart and without your do-rag, I probably wouldn't recognize you. (Assuming I would be that sharp and observant on a Wal-Mart trip, and that's giving me lots of credit.)

Congrats on the win and the beds!

Anonymous said...

Dang, you sound like a grown-up caring Mommy here!!! That's what we do. Sacrifice for our kids. That's why my hair has always been a mess. I scrificed for the Cap'n! It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.

Cap'n N's Mom

Redneck Diva said...

Melessa, I hope you see me at Wal*Mart, too! It wouldn't be the first time. Twice people have actually said, "Omg, you're Redneck Diva!" in Wal*Mart. I love that! I don't wear the 'do rag out much, though....only on the REALLY bad hair days!

Cap'n N's Mom, the older I get the more responsible I get! I amaze myself at how unselfish I can be when it comes to those kids! I'm not always cheerful and pleasant about it, but I do sacrifice when necessary.

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