Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Over the counter drunk

That Tylenol Sore Throat stuff with "Cool Burst" is some serious shit. I bought some for Mr. Diva awhile back on the advice of Magnet Lady. She said it really helped. He said it did, too. So I gave it to Abby awhile back when she had a sore throat. It helped her, too. I am an easy gagger at certain textures (mainly thick and globby - like globs of butter and jelly or the chocolate goop that ends up in the bottom of your glass of chocolate milk which chocolate is the only way I can drink milk because of the texture, but that goop in the bottom of the glass ... *gag*) and therefore I don't take liquid medication unless I absolutely have to. But last night my throat hurt so bad that I wanted to cry (which would've made it hurt worse so I avoided that) so I took some. It was like doing a shot of some nasty spearminty syrup and while I'm usually no wimp when it comes to shots, this one had me standing over the sink holding back a retch. I went immediately to bed after taking it, so I had no idea the effect it would have on me.

This morning at 6:30, I took another shot of it. Holy Gummi Mary, I'm drunk!! To those of you who have children in my care, don't worry - the children are all safely duct taped to the floor and are enjoying the Cheerios I occasionally throw at them when I emerge momentarily from my drunken stupor.


Irish Divinity said...

ROFL!! Duct tape, ok! Cheerios - no no - he'll choke! Watch out, those cough medicines that'll make you drunk will usually make you hallucinate if you take to much!! So does your throat feel better?

Redneck Diva said...

Divinity, I'm not sure. I'm too drunk to feel anything.

(Actually, yes it really does feel better. It's really good medicine. And fun, too!)

Rain said...

Ah, my first laugh of the are truly a joy to read! Hope you feel better!

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