Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kady's turn

Yesterday must've been Math Day everywhere, not just for Hillbilly Mom. Kady has a gigantic white board that she uses to practice writing K's repeatedly. But for some reason she abandoned penmanship for math yesterday. She would write out problems and then ask me the answers. I was tired of answering so when she asked me, yet again, "Momma, what's one pwus one?" I answered, "You tell me." She threw her hands up in the air, rolled her eyes and said, "Mom! You awe nevaw going to get bettew if you don't pwactice!!"


"Is today pay day?"

"Yes, it is. And I'm going to buy groceries tonight!"

"Well, you towd Daddy dis mowning dat it was Twash Day."

"It is Trash Day."

"You gotta be kiddin' me! It can be bowf??" (both)


Mr. Diva fell asleep on the couch last night (under his camouflage blanket, no less, Hillbilly Mom) and woke up around 5 this morning freezing his camouflaged little self to death. I heard him rattling around up front and I wasn't sleeping very well anyway, so I just laid there and listened to him. He came in to get his clothes and announced to me that it was snowing. I sighed, covered my up head and groaned that I wished we'd have a snow day today. He laughed and headed on to the bathroom to the shower. Now, when I wake up at my usual 5:45 I am quiet as a mouse because it's still an hour till the kids get up. I don't want them disturbed early - my hour in the morning is the only time I get to myself the entire day. Mr. Diva hasn't learned the art of being quiet yet - he was opening and slamming drawers, shutting doors without turning the knob first, tripping over toys and cursing loudly and not under his breath, etc. Sure enough, he had no more gotten in the shower than here came Kady padding in to my room in her Stwawbaby Shootcake blanket sleeper, ponytail askew and rubbing her eyes. I pulled back the blankets and she climbed in and snuggled down with me.

Then she proceded to talk. And talk. One thing about Kady, she is never, ever at a loss for words. It doesn't even have to make sense. She just runs sentences into each other, one thought causes another thought. Most of the time it's amusing and cute, other times it makes me want to nail a 2x4 to my forehead.

Finally, it was time to get up. I needed caffeine and I had to pee. I threw back the covers - Kady still talking - and said, "Let's get up, Princess. I need to make the bed." She jumped out on the other side and said, "Okay! I'll hewp! I wike to hewp make your bed. I don't wike to make my own vewy much." And on and on she rattled. Mr. Diva walked in to get a pair of socks. I nodded toward Kady, who was still talking, and said, "Thanks for waking up Chatty Cathy there." She was placing a throw pillow and without stopping or taking a breath she said, "Siwwy Momma. Daddy, you just woke up me!!"


Irish Divinity said...

You forgot to mention how she makes fun of her imaginary friends!!! lol She completely cracked me up yesterday.

River Rat said...

ain't they just adorable at that age!

Anonymous said...

I got me a chatty cathy too. She's nearly 10 and she wears me out. Ugh.

And, Miss Diva, when you get a minute? Your link to me is out of date... I'm over at now and you still have my blogspot addy. Just an fyi. :)

Shannon said...

Kady is soooo cute!!!
I guess I have a "chatty Brady"??
He talks and talks, even at eleven he keeps on. LOL I wouldn't have him any other way though.
I tease him about a little girl in his class, she talks nonstop too.

Unknown said...

You are so lucky to have somebody like Kady in your life, Diva. She may talk alot, but she's probably the best kid around.

Redneck Diva said...

Divinity, she's definitely something else, isn't she?

River Rat, oh YES! I get tired of the incessant talking sometimes, but my gosh, I'll misst his stage when it's gone.

JustLinda, my 9 year old has times where she'll talk your leg off, but nowhere NEAR like her little sister! I have no clue whatsoever where she gets it....

And I'll get that linky fixed hopefully today!

Andi, distance sucks! Yes, we need to get together. I'm still hoping for a GNO at Grand Lake Casino!!

Shannon, I never dreamed I'd have a kid who'd talk like this! And now you tell me that she might very well do it for years to come? I'm not sure Tater can handle it - she has the hardest time trying to decipher the intelligent thoughts that spew forth from Kady, lol.

Hillbilly Mom, oh, usually that man of mine crashes in the recliner, but I'd had stolen it that night! He was banished to the couch, lol. I don't understand that banging/slamming morning game - I guess because he leaves shortly after the game begins he doesn't have to await the outcome.

Sam, oh I'll definitely have to agree with you there, my friend. She's a jewel. I can't believe we only planned on having two kids - we'd have missed out on so much had that plan worked.

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