Monday, July 14, 2008

V to the B to the Ssssssss

This is VBS week at our church. As I told Mrs. Coach this morning - and she heartily agreed with a robust AMEN, SISTER! - this is the week that a lot of good Christian people drink. Heavily.

I don't know why, but VBS to me is more exhausting than camp. Don't know why, but it is. Don't get me wrong, I love VBS and look forward to it every year, but it is utterly draining.

The theme this year is Cactus Canyon and we're all cowboyin' up for Jesus. There are hats and boots and cacti (or as Kady would say "cactussessessess") and bulls and horses all over the church. There's a mountain range behind where the pulpit usually stands and a barnwood entryway for the kids to walk through into the sanctuary.

I'm teaching the Youth. Since we're a small church, we're borrowing and lending with several other churches in the area. They use it, pass it on. We use it, pass it on. Evidently, no other church had Youth in their VBS because there is NO cirriculum for me. I am kickin' it freestyle. Scary, yet liberating. I'm trying to remember all the fun stuff we did in Youth group when I was a Youth. You know, back when the dinosaurs roamed the land and the tigers all had saber teeth. And there were these big dino-birds that hid out in the jungle while we were chasing after our lady-friend with the blue eyes because she was kidnapped by the big scary bad guys working for the Egyptians......wait.....that was 10,000 B.C. Nevermind.

Anyway, Lori sent me some links for some skits and I'm hoping I have a group of kids who would want to work one up for the parent program next Sunday. If not, we may just have a burping contest. Every night. Maybe twice on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

The only cool thing I can remember from VBS as a youth was the year we built a scaled down exact replica of the tabernacle, down to handstitching all of the fabrics. I really hope that nobody who ever taught me in VBS reads this because they might feel bad or it might reconfirm I'm just a heathen in their eyes.

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