Monday, July 14, 2008

Insect relatives

Wednesday Mom, Tater, my kids and I had lunch together at my favorite Mexican restaurant in town. I like it because the food is good AND because they have American food on the kids' menu and because my son is adamantly anti-taco that is a good thing. (Hey, Abby's just now to where she will eat a taco with anything on it but just meat.) (Yes, I am fully aware my children are weird.)

We were chatting, shootin' the breeze, discussing life in general. I noticed Sam trying to eat a tortilla chip with a fork and asked him why he was doing that particular weird thing. He grinned and actually had no intelligent answer, so I continued, "Just eat your tortilla chips the right away. Your ancestors ate them with their fingers and so can you." (Although, I'm not entirely sure our Native American ancestors ate tortilla chips....but I can't be sure.)

Kady said, "We have ant sisters? Oh my gosh, can I meet them?" Then she stopped short and with a look of horror on her face asked, "Daddy won't kill 'em with the bug spray, will he?'

We....the people

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