Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Teacher! Teacher!

My cousin Courtney just had the most beautiful baby in the universe (Well, most beautiful baby that's been born since my children. Just to clarify.) and Courtney is a Kindergarten teacher. That alone makes the woman eligible for sainthood, in my opinion.

Awhile back, when I hinted around on here that big things were changing regarding my employment status, Courtney called me and said, "Did I just read that you quit your job?" I let the cat out of the bag to her only and said that yeah, that was the plan. She laughed and said, "Have you ever thought about teaching Kindergarten? Because they still don't have a sub for me yet." I laughed and said, "Yeah, sure," but a few days later it hit me.....uh, why not?

So I asked her if she was serious and said that if she wasn't then uhm....neither was I. Hey, I didn't wanna look like an doofus if she had just been joking.

When we went over to see my new! baby! cousin! who is now healthy and home and no longer a sick baby boy, she asked if I had gone the school district office to fill out an application because they were kind of counting on me taking her class for the first 2 1/2 weeks of school.

So today I filled out the application and I'm teaching 12 days of Kindergarten when school starts.


*enter panic*

Actually I'm looking very forward to it. Two of my kids and both Tots One and Two had Courtney for Kindergarten (She left our school before Kady started so we got Mrs. Weece who was deemed The Best Kindergarten Teacher Ever If We Can't Have Cousin Courtney.) and she is a super teacher. She has already assured me that everything is done, all I have to do is follow her lesson plan. And keep them from hanging from the light fixtures.

My mom is utterly ecstatic because she is SO hoping that teaching Kindergarten for 12 whole days will unleash some kind of buried need deep inside me that will give me an overwhelming urge to go back to college and become a teacher. Tonight, standing in the kitchen at the church, she got a wistful look on her face as she sighed and said, "I just always knew you'd be a teacher. I just knew it. I guess I was wrong." *insert deep heartwrenching sighs where you see fit as you read that* Heck, Mom, lots of people wanted me to be a teacher. Everyone in high school, from the janitor to the guidance counselor wanted me to be a teacher. Everyone except me.

Don't get me wrong, I love kids. I love teaching kids to sing silly songs about monkeys jumping on beds. I like gluing cotton balls to construction paper. I like naptime. I can read Skippyjon Jones books with a killer Mexican accent and make the kids fall over at my goofy-ness. I can color with the best of 'em. But as far as making teaching my lifelong profession? Nah, no desire whatsoever. I'm like the aunt who spoils your kid and then sends them back home on a sugar high. I will take your kid, play with them and then happily hand them back and go on my merry way.

But when I turned in that application today I was really excited about this upcoming year as a substitute teacher. The gal that took my application was excited, too. She said she'll use the heck out of me if I can take the Kindergarten class and keep them from tearing down walls and duct taping me to the desk. I laughed, but I think she was serious.

That's okay, though. I am looking forward to the oportunity and hey, if I end up duct-taped to the desk, it'll make a great story for the blog.


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

I taught 3rd graders and I too think K teachers are saints... Actually that's not entirely true. I always said they were a different breed - of teachers that is, not humans. But then again I think the same of middle school teachers and then high school teachers too.
BTW, she's serious. Good Luck Diva!!

Shannon said...

Are you teaching k-12???? ummmmmm just wondering....LOL
I want to be a fly on your wall.
You will do great! I had Courtney's class for 2 weeks at the beginning last year and I made it through. :) Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

If Coach can teach, you can teach lol. My mother even loves subbing at the school and thought Kindergarten would put her in the grave. She actually liked it!!!! Course she loved the junior high health class too so we really can't use her for guidance. You'll do great.

Anonymous said...

I love that age! So much fun! Maybe it will inspire you to go back :)

Robin said...

A friend of mine has been after me to sub at the BigW since I "retired" and I won't do it!! They are in dire need of subs.

Think about it! Maybe spread the karma around to all the area kids!

Anonymous said...

Takes a VERY SPECIAL person to teach kindergarten and you are that person! I could never do it that is why I teach the high levels in math! Good luck even though I don't think you will need it. I always felt you were a born teacher. I think you will be a natural. Enjoy yourself and share what God has given you and in turn you will bless each and every one of those little ones!
Tracy in Texas!
(Love you bunches!)

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