Monday, June 02, 2008


Today, for the first time in my life I turned in a letter of resignation. Of course, considering that I'd been a stay-at-home-mom for 12 years prior to this job, that would be kind of par for the course.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I have been moderately unhappy at my job for quite awhile now, but figured I was just whiny and you know, not playing well with others. I have been praying for months that God would help me find a better attitude at work. Finally, last Tuesday night, in desperation, I prayed again that God would help me with my attitude or send something else my way.

The next day I was called in my supervisor's office and told to shut the door behind me.

I hate it when they tell you to close the door.

Again, not going into details, but I will say that I was proud of myself for not crying in front of her. Instead, I went outside to my car and called my husband and then burst into tears. And because he truly does love me and knew it wasn't just me being overly emotional (gee, like I'm prone to that or something...) he was instantly mad and told me to leave. Immediately. Of course, I'm too spineless to do something like that. I mean, she didn't insult my momma or anything.

So after a long phone call with Lori that night, a tearful phone call to my momma, much talking with Paul (still angry at that point) and then a budget written out to the penny, it was decided that I would, indeed, leave my job. The original plan was six weeks notice, but after going to work on Thursday feeling like I needed to vomit and shaking for the entire first hour I was there, Paul and I both agreed that two weeks was plenty.

I have faith that God has something in store for me. I know that everything happens for a reason. I know that we won't starve. I do worry about the car payment getting paid, but I'm working on letting that go because I really do believe this is part of God's plan.

I know that I am SO looking forward to staying home with my kids again that it is insane. I mean, I'm really that excited. The kids want me to substitute teach at their school. I love that they want me to because it means I'm still cool to them. I want to have a clean house. Paul wants me to cook again. See? I think this will work.

Me staying at home again was actually in our plans - it was just in the plans for next year. Oh well. Like I said, God has a plan. I'm just going to enjoy things in the meantime.

** Keep the questions coming, folks! I've gotten some great ones so far! (Everyone just ignore Cedric in the comments section. He's always been that way.) (Love you, Cedric!)

I also have one giveaway secured and am waiting for confirmation on the second. Hopefully the signup will be up tomorrow or Wednesday at the lastest. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Atta girl, Diva. Leave this job on your own terms. Let 'em find someone else to do the job. Maybe they'll all end up getting a taste of what you've had to deal with now that you're gone.

Anonymous said...

You are right God has something bigger and better in mind!

Lady Beekeeper said...

Good luck - sounds like a better plan, anyway. It will all work out. Atta boy, Paul - way to support your wife!

Robin said...

You'll manage! I quit my job of 12 years in November. My retirement has been fab!! I don't do anything...and I love it!! No more hassles from bosses that don't appreciate me and no more crap from the public!

You'll be fine...some else will come along if that's what you want.

Anonymous said...

Oh. How. Dare. You! Ignore me will you?! Oh, we'll see, missy. We'll see.

CrystalChick said...

I haven't visited for awhile...
just stopping by to say HI and wish you the best for when you make the transition from job to home. I'm going the opposite way, trying to start a small online biz and still manage house stuff. It all ends up working out how it's supposed to. I'm sure whatever happens with you is for your highest good!
Happy summer. Mary

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