Saturday, June 07, 2008

Giving It Away (Current posts below)

Okay, with the Blogaversary Marathon of Celebrating looming on the horizon, I have been working my hiney off on securing a couple of (what I think are) fairly kickin' giveaways. Hey, considering it's my first time giving away stuff on my blog and I'm doing it all out of my own pocket because I don't have big corporate sponsers and my mom's getting married this week AND I quit my job (in my heart already, if not physically just yet) you gotta cut me some slack.


The first giveaway is a conglomeration of hair bows from Just 'Dorable Bows. Debbie is otherwise known to my daughters as "The Bow Lady." In fact, she's in the contacts on my cell phone as "The Bow Lady." I heart her. You will, too. Here are some pics of our personal bow collection. This isn't all of them we own - I had to put the holiday/Christmas/strictly winter bows up separately to make room for the spring collection. I know. I have issues. But my 6 year old is cuter'n all get out.

This is what is currently out for the season in our personal bow stash.

Debbie also made the bow hanger. It's really just 'dorable, isn't it? It's the ONLY way to hang hair bows. A drawer cannot sufficiently contain that much ribbon.

I apologize for the lack of clarity on this pic. I didn't have the macro button pushed on the camera and I don't feel like going back there to re-take the pic.

This is Ab's favorite bow ever. Debbie searched high and low until she found exactly what Ab asked for - "pink with skulls, but the skulls have to have heart eyes." By cracky, she found it!

This is my favorite set of piggy bows for Kady. She wears them on top of her head in two small ponytails and oh my gosh, you could just pinch her in two when she wears them. She has to have an outfit to match them summer and winter.

And what redneck hair bow collection would be comlete without CAMOUFLAGE?

And of course, what diva hair bow collection would be complete without leopard print?

Actual bows in giveaway package will vary. This is just to make you absolutely crave some of those Just 'Dorable bows. Her website is not up and running yet, but I can hook you up with an email address if you ask real nice. I'm thinking I should help her with her website since the other day she said that someday she'd have to check out my blob.


The second giveaway is a FREE BLOG HEADER. Yes, I said FREE BLOG HEADER. My design gal, Lil, of Design Works is going to create a custom header for your blog if you're the lucky winner. She's responsible for my header design, so if you like what she did with a pink travel trailer and a clothesline full of underwear then you really should enter this drawing.

Header includes small design that you plug in yourself. It does not include color or template overhaul.


Here are the rules:

Leave a comment to this post (which will remain the top post until Saturday morning). Please oh please oh mercy PLEASE don't do the "no reply blogger" thing. Please please please do that thingy that leaves an email address when you comment! PLEASE! (Am I being polite enough?) If you simply do not want to leave your email address in the comments, drop me an email privately [theredneckdiva (at symbol) gmail (dot symbol) com] and leave it. I kind of need your email address if I'm going to give you stuff.

In your comment you need to tell me which drawing (or both!) you'd like to be entered in and the most money you've ever paid for a gallon of gas.

If you do not specify which drawing (or both!) and/or do not tell me how much you've been robbed you've paid for gas I will not enter you in the drawing(s). Period.

The drawing will be done through a random number generator and I will have no control whatsoever with who wins. You just gotta believe me on that one.

Drawings will be closed sometime between 8 and 9am Saturday, June 7th, 2008, the day the magic happened back in 2004 when I posted my first blog post over at After I close the comments I will then proceed to get my momma hitched and will be incommunicado and insane the rest of the day.

Winners will be announced Sunday evening.

FOR AN EXTRA ENTRY IN THE DRAWINGS you can post on your own blog about my giveaways and the Blogaversary Marathon of Celebrating, link to this post and make a redneck girl very happy. If you choose to post for an extra entry, you MUST let me know. I'm talented, but I can't read minds worth a crap.

Okay, I think I've covered it all. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, spay and neuter your pets, don't run with scissors, drink 8 glasses of water a day, don't talk with your mouth full and don't jump off a bridge even if all your friends do.


Melessa Gregg said...

I'm entering for the blog header. Yo may have noticed my own design skillz are pretty weak. Happy Blog-o-versary!

Robin said...

I paid $4.00 for prem 2 weeks ago. I don't drive a lot...thank goodness.

And you can use my entry for Melessa as she didn't list a gas price. I'm all about sharing.

Anonymous said...

I paid $3.78 a gallon for gas last week. That was painful.

I'd like to be entered in the bow drawing.

Thanks!! Love your blog!!

mombo said...

$3.79 last night on the way to church. Congrats on the big changes you're making. And I'm seriously in need of a blog header. My girls are too big for bows.

Mathis Family said...

I would like to enter the bow give away! I am due to have my first little girl any day now and I'm trying to collect bows so that when she does have hair, we can do it up big! I do live in the land of big hair after all (Texas)!
I paid about 3.80 something for premium before we got rid of that car a couple of weeks ago. However, a couple of years ago, we paid well over $3.00 in Oregon, visiting the in-laws!

Anonymous said...

I gotta move. Gas was $4.48 yesterday :-( I would like to enter the bow one. 2 of my girls have hair to their waists. The pirate one is awesome!!! Please send me the email! I need a cheerleader one by July 7.

Anonymous said...

I paid $3.67 this morning but last week I paid $3.79 for regular. Not nice!

I would love to be entered in both drawings but the bows would make a special little grand-daughter very happy!

Oh and I will post something on my blog about your give away and blogaversary!


Redneck Diva said...

Hey guys! Make sure you're making your email address available to me! If you're uncomfortable leaving it in the comments section just shoot me a private email. (My email is in my profile.) It makes logging in entries a lot easier.


GERBEN said...

OMG! I would totally wear that pink skull bow! TOTALLY!!

I guess I'll enter for both. It might be kind of cool to have my own header. My blog is total generic. Blah.

I would love to link this post and get an extra entry, but I don't even know how to do THAT! Yeah, I am a loser. But if I figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know. I don't want to hurt your head with any "mind reading" or anything. *wink*

And the most I have ever paid for a gal of gas is $3.69. That is no fun when you drive 32 miles one way to work 5 days a week.

GERBEN said...

Oops, left off my email.

Yeah, I'm a deer hunter. *grin* People usually find that odd.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Girl, you know I'd love to win some bows for my three little hoodlums.

And I think Big Daddy paid $3.83 for gas today.

Rock on, Blogaversary!

Stewed Hamm said...

Happy anniversary-thing, Diva.

I paid $3.89 for regular last week when I went camping. Not the most fun part of my weekend, lemme tell you. (Also not the worst, but that's a story for my own blog... assuming i ever bother to post there.)

I don't wanna take away Ab's skull bow, which I suspect is the Omega Bow - the bow to end all bows - so I'll take a crack at the blogheader.

Anonymous said...

Enter me in both, I'm a daredevil that way. You have my email, cell number, home and work address and numbers, my tag number and you know my fear of my panties being strewn about the county in a tornado.

I paid $3.90/g in Hawaii in November, it's probably way past that now.

Tara said...

I'd like to be entered in either contest, please! And we hit $3.85 over memorial day weekend. It stayed there for over a week. And don't hate us, but we're all the way down to $3.81! ;) What a deal. Gag.

And just in case it doesn't come through my email is tara kluth at juno dot com. Don't put the spaces in, add the punctuation where it goes, you know how to make an email address I'm sure. ;)

CCD said...

Hi yall :)

Well I paid 3.89 I think yesterday for plain old regular gas. It sucked hard and I kicked the tire of my car for being greedy and refusing to run on water.

I'd love to win a bow :) So CUTE!

Anyway - I hope your mommas wedding goes off without a hitch (Ouch. Corny.) - and congrats on your blogaversary - just so you know - I cant wait to get in to work on Mondays to see whats going on with y'all, I save it for entertainment when Im stuck in drab work hell :)


Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...


Ok.. Ok.. I have to go with the bows. With 5 girls, I'll need it!

Oh.. and 3.69$ is the most I spent here in Colorado... so far!!! :)

LilithSilvermane at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Okay I want to enter the hairbow. I love skull one. I need that lady's email. I might actually get Cassidy to wear that one.. I'm trying..I'm even bribing that child of mine. Last summer in Michigan in the UP at $4.15 a gallon... I wonder what it is now... hmn.. too bad we aren't headed there this weekend! I added your post (for an extra chance) on my myspace page:
find me at!

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