Monday, June 09, 2008

Blogaversary Question - The Final Photoblog

The final Blogaversary question if from Lauren, all the way from Boston. Wow, girl. I'm flattered that someone from out east would be so intrigued by a redneck diva in the middle of the country. So of course, I obliged and took some pictures of Miami ( MY-AM-UH ) for all to see.

Note: Some of these pictures - no, most of them - are horrible. First, I left my camera in Tater's car Sunday and we left Tulsa before they did. My camera is still (I hope!) locked safely in her car. I had to use Ab's camera for the pics and I'm not used to her little Nikon with a serious lag between snap and take. Oy, I got frustrated! Second, Paul was the one driving me around on our little photo tour and he was hungry. He would slow down, allow me .25 seconds to snap a picture (mind you, with a lag) and then drive on. Third, it was nearly dark and a storm was rolling in.

Ah good times.

Lauren asked:
I have never been to your part of the US and from the way you describe it, it sounds kind of magical - tornadoes and possums and the Indian Casino. Could you maybe take us on a photo tour of your town and surroundings? I live smack in the middle of Boston, so it'd be a real treat to see something new.

We start on the south end of town with the swimming pool. The big yellow Slide of Death is just a few years old. Needless to say, my children have never been.

After the flood last summer the public pool was full of mud. Ew.

Next, The Stables Casino! Just one of the many, many Native American Gaming Establishments in our town.

Look! We have a neighborhood trolley!

Kady calls it "the charlie."

The Townsman has been a part of our town since forever. At the Townsman restaurant I ate many pieces of pie with my Papa. It's currently undergoing a serious restoration since during last summer's flood it was completely under water.

We only recently got a Holiday Inn Express.

Whoo hoo us! It's to hold all the many many people who come into town to gamble at one of our many many casinos.

A few miles out of town we have our own cigarette factory so that means cheap Indian cigs at the outlet!

Located right behind the Indian Clinic.

Hmmmm......coincidence? I think not.

The Indian Clinic - where I get my free government healthcare, but only when I'm at death's door.

A sign.


You knew there would be a picture of this place, didn't you? It's

THE BIG FANCY CASINO! I love the Buffalo.

Ted Nugent will be here this month I think. I tried to get his name on the sign in the picture, but Paul was too busy flying into the parking lot so I could get a picture of the actual building.

It doesn't look like much more than a big tent from the outside (It really is a big tent thing) but it really is fancy inside. It's the nicest one in town, I think. Not the best paying, mind you.

And where else but in my hometown can you gamble in a trailer?

Yes. A trailer. As in a mobile home.

We also boast a church that used to be a Wal*Mart.

The new Wal*Mart is right across the street.

Main Street, heading south.



Purely a midwest store.

Again, yum.

(Sorry 'bout the bug guts)

Here we were, blazing past Video Giant, where we rent all our movies.

Why were we blazing past?

Because Paul had his sights set on some Taco Tico. The Tico has been closed for about two years, but man, they have brought it back and it's still just as awesome as it used to be.

And finally.........we're back home.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!


Anonymous said...

Got the clinic and the outlet but would it have killed Paul to swing through my parking lot? I'm sure the people in Boston need to see where their tax paying dollars are spent lol.

Anonymous said...

rofl at the wal-mart-church!!! I think I may live in a smaller town then you!!!! When our nearest wal-mart came up for redoing they repainted and put in new floors. We don't have space for a new one. Big news here is we are getting a Lowes in the next town over!!!!

I should do a photo shoot of my area.. but then who wants to see miles of fence with signs saying govt property keep out

Debbie said...

Wow, they did a great job with that Wal-Mart Church! Around here, it's very-very obvious which buildings used to be WM's -- Mostly they're Big Lots now, but the one that's a church is still brimming with unmistakable Wal-Mart-Style.

I had pictures of a Possum in my back yard, but I can't remember where I saved 'em...

Lucy said...

LOL, I loved your little tour! I can't believe you didn't send a pic of our made over Micky D's, lol. This if my first time on your site, and just to let you know...I think you have found your calling, keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!! You probably make someones day everyday just by reading your blog, I know it sure made me LMAO! I never knew you were so freaking funny! I will have to share some stories with you, on what goes on, south of you, on the other side of HICKVILLE!!!!

Anonymous said...

MY-AM-UH? That is so cool! My mother-in-law's family was from there way back. Loved your tour with commentary. I think we should all do that, but somehow it seems like things in small towns are more varied and interesting than in the big cities. We just have all the usual suspects for stores.

One last question? Why the heck is it pronounced like that?

Anonymous said...

SO! COOL! Thanks for the tour. I totally love that Walmart church and the Casinos (especially the one in the trailer!). But my absolute fave has to be your house. It looks so peaceful.

I do think Boston is a great city, but it's fun to read about someone who doesn't live in the middle of a cramped Chinatown next to a noisy hospital! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I have family that lives in Miami and seeing all of your pics makes me miss them and want to come to OK really soon just wish gas prices weren't so dang expensive.

Cazzie!!! said...

I love your long drive -way to your abode...very cool :)

Shannon said...

Hey! That's my Church! How cool. It is wonderful inside--I couldn't believe what they did with a Wal-Mart! Really! Maybe I will have to take some pics. We have a basketball court and everything. If your ever in Miami you will have to stop by!

Oh, and Kristin, I love your purse.
Tell your mom "Congrats!"
and let us know when Courtney's baby shower will be, because we want to come!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

It's nice to see where my HH lives when he's not hanging around the Mansion. But I am a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see your alphabetized canned goods.

Anonymous said...

Hey you! This is Jeri. You know the Georgia peach! I thought I would never say this but this post really made me miss home!!!!

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