Monday, June 09, 2008

Blogaversary Questions - Set #2 - Photoblog!

Miss Wisabus also asked to see inside my refrigerator. Strangely enough, I love seeing inside random strangers' refrigerators as well, so I was more than happy to oblige. Paul, however, was nervous and asked that I please at least wipe the shelves off before I started snapping. Oh, but you are getting the unedited version of ...........

My Fridge

Not the inside, but thought you might like the whole effect...

Sonic magnets.....I will never escape those stupid things. Just about the time I get them all thrown away they put more back in the Wacky Packs.

Tomatoes, container of dip, stick margarine, head of cabbage, milk, apple juice, jello, eggs.....pretty much like every other fridge, don't ya think?

Paul had nothing to worry about regarding the shelves....our fridge is always so full you can't see the shelves anyway.

Free. Cheese.

It's good to be Native American.

The door.

Miracle Whip, sweet relish, Ranch dressing, ketchup, grape jam, salsa, Dr. Pepper (gag), chocolate syrup .....yep, we have kids and we are redneck.




Yeah, I know the label says vegetables, but vegetables are overrated. Besides, the few vegetables we have are in with the fruits next door.

I don't drink any of those sodas. The A&W is for the kids, the Diet Pepsi is for Mom and Pops...

Oh wait! What's that hiding beneath the preacher's and the kids' drinks?

Aw yeah.....

Just for the record, I'm a Bud Light kinda gal, but Paul and the electrician drank all my Bud the other day. I'm stuck with Coors Light until payday.

( Yes, my fingernails are painted black. )


The freezer!

Eggos, frozen pizzas and chicken fries from the Schwan's man....yep, it's summer and the kids are home all day.


Stewed Hamm said...

Hey, root beer is made from roots - as in plant matter. That makes it a vegetable in my book.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you've got the same model fridge as we have in our rented town house, except we're missing the bar from the middle door shelf... which makes it completely useless. Maybe it's a good thing our fridge is much emptier than yours. Wait... no....

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