Monday, June 09, 2008

Blogaversary Questions - Set #3 - Photoblog!

My Favorite Texan, Lori, the Dirty Laundry Queen asked me this:

Tell us about your purse. Specifically, how often do you change purses, how often do you buy a new one, where do you get 'em, and how much crap do you carry around in one?

Okay, people, I LOVE purses. In fact, that's how I knew that my mom could marry my stepdad - because his oldest daughter and I share this freakish passion for purses. I knew that the marriage was meant to be because Kendra and I, we heart purses.

I change purses whenever I get the notion. I changed my purse right before the wedding on Saturday - I mean, if you're going to wear leopard print flip-flops you should carry a leopard print purse, right? Right. I don't change purses daily or even to match every outfit, but if I'm going out or dressing up I try to coordinate as best as I can.

I get my purses wherever. Wal*Mart, the mall, garage sales (providing they are in SPECTACULAR condition and not laden with germs and bacteria and other unknown things), but my latest obsession and probably where I will get all of my purses from here on out is Etsy. No kidding people, I stayed up until 2am one morning just shopping at Etsy. Here is my latest purse which I love, Love, LOVE. My step-sister does not love this purse, but oh well, I guess we can't always agree that I have great taste for the quirky and unusual.

The very second I saw this purse I knew I had to own it.
Check out the gal who made it over at Etsy. Be warned, though.....seriously addictive, that Etsy.
What do I carry in my purse? Well, I'm so glad you asked! I shall take you on a photo tour of my purse now. (Note: Yesterday Tater picked up my purse while we were at Incredible Pizza and as she lifted it she raised her eyebrows and said, "Seriously? You need that much crap!?" Well......yeah.)

Bird's eye view of the contents of my purse.
I may look scary, but I know where everything is all the time. I am freaky obsessive about my purse - kind of like my pantry.
I can't go anywhere without body spray and lotion and it goes without saying that there is ALWAYS hand sanitizer in my purse. Always.

My personalized makeup bag. Actually Abby got this for Christmas a few years ago, but I stole it. I mean, it had my name on it, for cryin' out loud! She was too little to be a diva then anyway.
Didn't realize until I took a picture of it, but it's lookin' a little worn.....

The wallet that Abby says reminds her of snot.
She has such a way with words.

A quick peek inside - don't be too jealous of that fiver in there.

And my Tinker Bell checkbook cover.
Yes, corny. I'm aware of that. Hush.
And there you have it - the contents of my purse. Probably more than you ever wanted to know.

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