Thursday, April 19, 2007

Limericks - Fun for everyone!

Today is the day that my limerick assignment has to be turned in. I have written some good ones, some bad ones and several I've gotten as far as the 4th line and scrapped 'em because I just couldn't make that last line work.

I posted a few last week and the "Girl/Boy conversation" one is going to be turned in. I liked that one. Here are two others I've written. I just can't decide which one should be turned in.

Maybe you can help. Tell me which one you like best:

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do
When a person asks, "How do you do?"
Do I ask them, "Do what?"
or just answer them not?
Or I could answer, "What’s it to you?"

My doctor suggested a diet
and so I decided to try it.
I ate so much fruit
that I started to toot
and decided food's better if you fry it.

Hey, it's the end of the semester, I am averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night. Work with me here.

But now here's where it gets fun. In the comments section of this post, tell us YOUR limericks. One, two, a dozen, whatever. Clean, dirty, I don't care. Leave your limericks for all to see!(Hillbilly Mom sent me a dirty one the other night because she's cool and you know how I am like a giggly 12 year old when it comes to dirty stuff. I laughed out loud. Maybe she'll share it here. Maybe she won't because she's a lady and not prone to public displays of filth like I am. See if you can coax it out of her.)

Come know you want to. They're addictive.

Bloggers - show us your limericks!


Hillbilly Mom said...

Heavens to Betsy! I can't tell that limerick here! I can only whisper it into your email.

Carrie said...

I needed to take a big poo
but it wasn't something I could do.
I wasn't near a toilet,
I was afraid I'd soil it.
Yep, I just shit on my new shoe.

gettin served said...

Please? Hillbillymom, please? I need to be limericked!!!! btw, can you guys do these the week I have surgery? I wanna be able to really FEEL those sutures when I giggle!
I'm a masochist :P

Cazzie!!! said...

Yesterday I went to the beach,
With my mate her name is Leech,
We paddled and swam with delight,
Until the moon rose up in the night,
In the water we got a surprise,
It was a man who had great big..eyes!!

Stewed Hamm said...

As you all know, limericks were invented to be dirty. It's their primary purpose... and thus it's an abomination against nature to write limericks that can be read in polite company.
That being said, I've got a "kinda clean" version, and a "not at all clean" version. I'll start with the safer one, and give Diva a chance to keep it a family blog.

The pastor who works at Saint Paul's
Has a pair of enormous balls.
His feet and his shoes,
Everything else down there too,
What they look like, he no longer recalls.

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