Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Freud, dude

You have to say the title like Bill and Ted did - Frood, dude.

The Freud paper turned out to be 7 pages total, with the Works Cited. I'm not going to say it changed my life, but it did make me want to call my father. Is that wrong?

Tonight, in the event we are not blown away by a herd of wild tornadoes (which is highly likely - TWC isn't painting a pretty picture for the heartland tonight) I will write the very last four-page document assignment paper for History.

Tomorrow I enroll for next semester (Yes, I am doing this again, but no worries, I'm taking the summer off so you get a break from the whining for awhile. Well, whining about school anyway.) and take the kids to Tulsa to the dentist.

Thursday I plan on writing my two-page Advertising paper which is my special end-of-the-year bonus sent down from Heaven because the instructor thought she'd been posting assignments since Spring Break and turns out she hadn't and well, now it's too late to make 'em up and thank you, Dear Lord, for making that one work out in my favor.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I have to read The Glass Menagerie - something that had been stricken from my mind after nauseating overload of it in HS Competitive Speech (any scene from The Glass Menagerie and the piece A Sandpiper to Bring You Joy are two that I never wanted to hear again after I graduated.) and answer some questions over it and take a quiz over it.

Monday I take the finals in Psychologyand English (Over The Glass Menagerie no less) and the final History quiz (if I don't opt to take that one over the weekend) and then.....then I will be done.

And according to my kids, I will be fun again.

By the way, Mrs. Coach emailed me earlier to tell me she got a 96% on her first final! WAHOO!! Celebrate with her, folks. This woman has endured hell this semester. Drop by and tell her she's awesome, k? Thanks.

And another by the way - voting is open in the third Writing Challenge at Write in the Thick of It. Eleven entries! Or, if you talk like The Count on Sesame Street, "Ee-leh-wen! MUAH HAHAHAH!" Anyway, clear a spot in your schedule and settle in to read some wonderful stories this go'round! Voting is open until midnight next Monday, the 1st.

Now I'm off to tie down all small children in my care, cover my van in bubble wrap and put on my shoes because that's about all I know to do in preparation for a tornado - you can hear me hollering as soon as the sky turns cloudy, "Put on your shoes, kids! We're under a tornado watch!" I will be splinter-free when I stumble around the wreckage anyway.


Cap'n Neurotic said...

I don't remember ever having to sit through any performances from The Glass Meangerie, so I must have lucked out; A Sandpiper to Bring You Joy, however, I could gladly never hear again in my life.

Queen Of Cheese said...

Thanks for the pat on the back.

My grandma called and told me to take cover there was a tornado. She also told me to put on my shoes. Geez! I sat out on the deck and watched the storm roll through until it rained, then I watched from the window (while touching the metal frame).

Kellyology said...

This post is giving me horrible flashbacks to my college days. I don't know how you do it with a family! You are awesome!

Redneck Diva said...

Cap'n, SO not fair that you missed out on The Glass Menagerie back in Comp. Speech. Oh my gosh, that is so not fair. I would literally slump down in my seat when I'd hear them announce that one or Sandpiper. I think the judges inwardly groaned, too. Can't believe you didn't hear it forty bazillion times....not fair.

Cazzie!!!, as always, here in Oklahoma we virtually live under a tornado watch this time of year. And as always, they forecast the most horrific storms, tell us we're going to have tornadoes, grapefruit-size hail and damaging straight-line winds. And again, as always, the storm either peters out before it gets to us or splits and we're stuck in the middle with our shoes on, waiting to run to the 'fraidy hole.

I contend, and have for years, that there is a paid county official who sprays our county's borders with a gigantic can of Bubba's Tornader Repellent and that's why we never get any fun weather. But that's just my theory.

Mrs. Coach, when I was a kid I was told to put my shoes on and never understood why. Now, as a parent, I get to befuddle my own children with the same command. Thousands of Oklahomans put on their shoes when the weather gets bad and no one knows exactly why.

Kelly, not sure if "awesome" is the word I'd use to describe me - I'm leaning more toward "insane." :-)

But thank you.

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