Monday, April 23, 2007

Bloggers are the best people

In response to my desperate plea this morning, I got a ton of email today. Not only did that make me feel pretty durn loved, but also reiterated the fact that bloggers are awesome. Really.

My last article for the Norse Wind has been submitted and we'll see what my advisor says tomorrow. In the meantime, I need to thank a lot of people. Have I mentioned that they rock? Please check these folks out - they deserve it.

(They're all linked, but you have to mouse-over their names. I've screwed up my template yet again.)

Derek at Son of Cheese because dude, you are indeed crazy nuts and I muchly quoted you.

Carrie at Random Silliness Without the Use of Children who is a former Norseman and hilarious to boot. I've been wanting to shout her out for a long time. She deserves much traffic.

The ever-important and OH SO PRETTY Hillbilly Mom over at her Hillbilly Mansion, where laptops go to die. Even if she refuses to come out of hiding.

Cazzie!!! at I Don't Do Mornings is always the first one to post a story for the writing challenges and never fails to entertain and educate us about Aussies and all of their Aussie doings.

MamaKBear who is now an ecstatic and jubilant mommy forever and no one can take that away. Not to mention she's an Okie. That alone makes her awesome.

The Shoe Diva is artsy and clever and I love, love, LOVE her blog!

My ever digressing friend and fellow Okie Blogger, Melessa, who I swear I'm going to visit this summer.

My former English teacher and now blogger, the woman responsible for introducing me to Romeo and Juliet and taught me the words to the school song, Mrs. E.

Brian, another fellow Okie Blogger I had the privilege of meeting last fall at the Round-Up. Man, you never cease to amaze me.

A new acquaintance of mine, courtesy of Cap'n Neurotic and Write in the Thick of It, Bubblegum Tate, who tells us Your Blog Must Die, Mine Alone Is Best. And does it with a pulp fiction-y, super hero-y flair.

And the two non-bloggers who replied, Bell and Rebecca. Thank you, ladies. Your input was greatly appreciated.

I wasn't able to quote everyone in the article, but the responses I received on such short notice were a wonderful way to make this last week of my first semester as a returning college student a little less "AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!" and much more "Okay, so maybe I won't gouge my eyes out with an unsharpened pencil after all."

I love you all.


MamaKBear said...

So cool that you got all those responses! I was happy to help. :)

Are we gonna get to see the article???

Cazzie!!! said...

Great news, I am wrapt we could help in some way.\
I love reading your blog. It was one of the first I began to read, with the thanks an guidance to Rebecca at R.O.A.R.
Great to see how kids are shits all over the World yet can be ever entertaining and we love them unconditionally, unless they eat our last chocolate out the fridge..that's another story, LOL.

Derek Knight said...

yay! Glad to help.

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