Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Can it get any better?

Last night was the opening night of The Casino That Shall Not Be Named. I called my mother-in-law to see if she could watch my kids and Tater's tots so that we could get in on the opening night action. She was totally agreeable because she's just cool like that. Plus, last week, in a matter of a mere 4 days, Paul brought home $2900 from the casinos. She was hoping that maybe his luck rubbed off on me. I was hoping that, too.

The games were tight down at The Nameless Casino and it didn't take Tater and I long at all to blow our money and whine about it. Mom called to say she had just hit town after her road trip to NC and wanted to meet us out at Buffalo Run. She also brought $100 for each of us because we were pathetic and whiny. Granted, the money was a loan, but how awesome is my mom? She missed us, is my only theory. Or maybe it was the fact that she hit a jackpot in Tunica.

I couldn't find anything I wanted to play, so I wandered around aimlessly and talked to Mom, Tater and everyone's favorite security guard for awhile. I followed Mom over to the quarter slots, which I rarely play anymore, and decided to try a twenty. I played it down to $1.75 and then hit it for $52. I cashed that puppy out and put in another twenty. It played down to $2.00, then I hit a red spin. I figured it would be like most red spins - 15 or so quarters. Oh, but no. By the time it finished its three red spins I had $390 on my machine. Yes. Three hundred and ninety dollars. After they picked me up off the floor, I cashed out in a hurry. I paid Mom back her $100, paid Tater back some money I owed her and stuffed the rest in my purse. Then I called Paul to tell him that I was going to Wal*Mart.

I bought my laptop last night. And a wireless router. Because The Mighty Buffalo smiled down upon me, my geeky purchases only cost me $600. Yesssssssssss. I am a truly happy wanna-be geek.

I am typing my very first post ever from my brand new HP laptop while using my wireless broadband connection. Granted, I am sitting a mere three feet from my desktop......but I could pick this puppy up use it while on the toilet if I so desired. Which I don't. Just so you know.

I had a really good hair day yesterday, too.

Life is good.


Hillbilly Mom said...

At least you haven't named it yet. My son always takes 'Lappy' to the toilet.

Wow! You are such a WINNER! I never win anything big. I am just Even Steven. I have a coupon for 2 free nights at Harrah's...but I dont' have time to go. They have to be during the week, from Sunday to Thursday. In the summer when I have time, I don't get a free room. I didn't get a chance to use any of my $15 free money thingies this month, either. Or the $15 food voucher. A $15 voucher is a terrible thing to waste, by cracky.

Cazzie!!! said...

I heart my laptop too, I can sit in bed, on the couch or out int he Sun and still post some shit on my blog, or in someones comments, LOL

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

I am So jealous! But I'm also incredibly happy for you. Post us some photos of that new pet laptop!

Carrie said...

You haven't really broken in your new friend until it takes a trip to the toilet with you!

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