Monday, April 09, 2007

Cold snap

Last week was not only one of the worst in general that I've experienced in awhile, but it was also freakin' cold. The girls all had sleeveless Easter dresses and we made a mad scramble for sweaters and even had to break out winter coats last week. Kady has dug through the neat, organized totes full of winter clothes that I had all ready to store for the season and has successfully removed all of her blanket sleepers once again. Paul was so jealous a few weeks ago because all the guys at work were riding their bikes to work (motorcycles, not bicycles), but we didn't have the money to get the insurance caught up on it and get it tagged. Once our income tax return came in, it snowed. He's rather angry about this weather. We nearly froze our cajones off yesterday hiding then watching the kids hunt eggs. We stood there shivering, playing warmer/colder with them finally in an order to just get them to hurry the heck up and finish already.


Usually I can just tough out a cold or virus with minimal complaining (Well, except on here. I save all my best whining for you, Dear Reader.) but last week's mystery virus sent me to bed on Tuesday. Literally to bed. Normally when I'm sick I'll camp out on the couch so I can be a part of what's going on, but still rest. Nope. I went to bed and stayed there most of the day. I was in bed still when Paul left to go camping at 3:30. I dragged myself to the living room just before the bus got here with the big kids. By about 8 that evening I was running a 101' temp and felt so bad I was crying. It's been a long time since I've been that sick. I picked up the phone twice to call Paul so I could ask him to come home, but decided not to. He rarely gets to go do stuff like camping anymore because he works weekends and none of his friends do. I survived the night, obviously, but it wasn't fun. Wednesday I still didn't have enough energy to even take Kady to school. She missed Monday and Wednesday last week, poor thing. Thursday I babysat and prayed I wasn't contagious anymore. Oh, and that night, I got a raging case of The Diarrhea. I'm guessing it's Rotavirus, which is making the rounds. So now, not only am I peeing myself every time I cough, but I'm also getting really good at clenching to make sure I don't have an accident as well. Good times, good times.


I managed to get an 85% on my second History paper, the one I had to write about Margaret Sanger. Considering I wrote the whole thing with my jaws clenched and nearly broke my keyboard from typing so hard, I don't think a good, solid B is too bad. I think I've got an A in there now. I got an email from my Psych teacher today, too. I've got a 93% in that class. Advertising, as far as I know is still an A, but I'm kind of behind so I could be failing for all I know. The last time I heard, I had an A in English, too. Yay me.

English is getting ready to get hairy again. Things cooled off for awhile, but now it's like we're all in fasttrack courses and someone hit the fast forward button. Poetry, sonnets, limericks, The Glass Menagerie (I should still know some of it - everyone and their dog used it back in my ol' Competitive Speech days.) All assignments are due by May 2nd. That means that in about 3 weeks, I am having one massive party.

I'm still very undecided as to what I'm doing next semester. I have a few choices - stick with NEO and change degrees entirely, stick with NEO and just do general classes for another semester or two and see if they bring the program back which will lengthen my time in school altogether, or switch schools and continue with Mass Comm and get things done quicker. *sigh*


Anyone have any advice on laptops? My friend Shawn from the old Fizzle 'n Pop writing challenge days is helping me, but I'd like to hear ya'll's opinions, too. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I'm just itching to get one!! Ooh ooh! And Wednesday is the day they are supposed to come and hook me up to broadband! I'm all a'flutter! After Wednesday, my homework will get done so much quicker I'll probably have so much time on my hands that I'll find myself cleaning house or something.

Nah. That won't happen.


sunshine3080 said...

Diva --- I love reading your blog but never comment. Have to today, because I'm in love with my iBook G4. I bought it refurbished from the Apple website 'cause I have Saks taste on a Target budget. Good luck with the laptop search!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

* Okay, first of all, I didn't realize you were THAT sick! Wah! I would have brought you some chicken soup if I wasn't 400 miles away!

* Did I mention that it freaking snowed here the day before Easter? Yeah. In Texas. And my girls' dresses were all sleeveless, too.

* Congratulations on the History paper, girl!

* My advice on laptops: Buy me one, too. ;)

Also, "scathingly brilliant" - I love that phrase.

Redneck Diva said...

Sunshine3080, glad you decided to delurk to help me out! Make commenting a habit, dear!

After reading so many Vista horror stories this last week, a Mac is looking better and better. Although...I haven't touched a Mac since they were little Apples with green screens and you maneuvered with the directional arrows, not a mouse. It's been awhile...yep.

Lori, chicken soup from a friend who drove 400 miles to bring it would've made me feel guilty, not better! LOL You're so sweet.

I don't know why I continually buy my girls sleeveless Easter dresses. It hasn't been warm here on Easter in years! One of these days I'll learn.

You talked me off the ledge over that History paper - you deserve points on that one!

Love the advice on the laptop. But no. :D

"Scathingly brilliant" is one of the globally wonderful things Hayley Mills did for humankind.

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