Friday, August 18, 2006


* Went out with Paul last night to High Winds casino. The lucky jerk won $1204.55 on a Cool Catz jackpot. $4 less and he wouldn't have gotten slammed with $350something in taxes. He won another $125 on a $5 machine right after that. I won $200 and now can buy a new cell phone rather than continue talking on the one I have right now which is only held together by a little bundle of wires.

* Kady is bound and determined to get all three babies to lie down for morning naps right now. And what's funny is that she actually has managed to get Little Nicky and Princess to do it and Princess is actually asleep! That kid's good. Or really mean and they're just scared of her.

* The kids are enrolled in gymnastics and will take their first class Monday. Abby is obsessed with cartwheels right now and if you ask her to fold towels she cartwheels all the way to the laundry room and then one-handed cartwheels her way back to the living room because one hand is holding towels. She cartwheels to the table for dinner, cartwheels her way out the door to catch the bus and I am pretty sure that she spends every recess cartwheeling all over the playground. Either gymnastics will make cartwheels seem old hat and she'll begin backflipping everywhere or she'll get tired of tumbling altogether and I'll have wasted my money.

* Supposed to be 104 degress today. That really sucks big amounts of suckiness.

* Right now I have a Shirt Tales pillowcase on my bed pillow because I seem to have lost my other beige pillowcase that matches the sheets. How does one lose a pillowcase?

* Note to self: Rememberto tell Irish Divinity, if the baby meows tonight it's because I just dug about 4 pieces of catfood out of his mouth. (He was really upset that I took it away, too.)

* I want a nap.

* Tomorrow we're doing a Girls' Night Out. There's a women's fair in Joplin that we're gonna hit, then we're going to have dinner, see that new dance movie (Can't remember the name now because my brain is dead and I just wish I could be asleep like Princess right now) and probably some other stuff.

* Sunday we're going to Branson. We've got those dang season passes and have only been to each park once. So from now until the end of the year we'll be going down there every free weekend. Next year I hope we manage to spread it out a little more rather than jaunting down there every weekend after school starts. But spring is so busy and summer is so hot, then by fall we panic that we've spent all that money and it's going to waste even though fall is just as busy as spring. We're not the brightest stars in the sky sometimes.

* We are so out of groceries that it's shamefull. I really suck at this housewife thing sometimes. Last night at 6:45 the kids asked if they could eat dinner. Oops. Good thing they think making their own pb&j's is cool.

* I would like to meet those Doodlebops in a dark alley one of these days. And I hope that if that ever happens, I'm carrying a tire tool.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Free Branson anything! Give me details!!!!!

GERBEN said...

ROFLMAO! Can I go with you to meet up with those Doodlebops? Dang them all to heck!

Carmel said...

Thanks Diva. You made my education complete this week. I learned what Cheetah Girls were earlier and now Doodlebops. They look annoying.

She'll outgrow the cartwheels, well either that or Mr. Diva's gonna have a fun time escorting down the aisle at her wedding, as she cartwheels in...

Dang. The next time I have to go to Oswego (mum-in-law lives) I'll have to find a way to meet up with you and you can teach me all the ways of the casino.

Mrs. E said...

Ah, you were doing so well with the farking thing until the very end. Good Job!!! I don't know what Doodle Bops are but if they make you that crazy, I say go for it. Do the farkers in!!!

Stewed Hamm said...

Oh a tire iron isn't nearly good enough for the effin Doodlebops. 15 seconds on their website, and I already want to see them writhing in agony in pools of their own blood.

Say hi to Dick Stiff while you're in Branson!

Kellyology said...

So that's what you have to do to get a new cell phone! I'm off to our local casino!

Derek Knight said...

I'd have been pissed too! Well, unless it was like...Salmon flavor. I don't like salmon.

"Flavors that your cat (or Derek) naturally craves, like chicken, beef (and squirrel) packed into every bite of Purina® Cat Chow™"

Cazzie!!! said...

Gymnastics sounds ace, I am planning on enroling the girls, and the boys if they wanna, into Calesthenics here at the school.
I reckon we all need a nap..and we will never ever reclaim the lost sleep we have accrued, sighs :(

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