Thursday, August 24, 2006

People piss me off

I'm totally stealing Hillbilly Mom's catchphrase, but I don't think she'll care. When people piss you off you're usually happy to know that it's not just you that's getting pissed off and that other people are having as much fun as you are. Or at least, that's how I feel.

Let me just tell you why I'm pissed off. Oh, you didn't ask? Oops. My bad. But since you're here already you might as well stay awhile. It looks better on my stats.

Okay, so yesterday was my second super-busy day this week. Usually Monday and Tuesday are my busy days, but this week it was Tuesday and Wednesday. And normally the busy days aren't bad days - they're just busy days. The good thing about being that busy, though, is that they go fast. But I think I've got a little touch of whacked-out PMS or something and was a bit whiny to begin with. Finding myself in the floor covered in baby slobber, spitup and snot yesterday was just depressing as hell. I even cried a bit. Nothing against the slobbery, spituppy, snotty babies - they just defaced my new camo capris, that's all. Some days the weirdest shit sets me off.

Then I happened to find out that my trust has been betrayed and things that I said to only close friends in a ranting session (or two) were repeated. Should I have said the things I said? Eh, the jury's out on that one. Technically, I guess not if I were trying to be a good Christian person, but most of the time I don't succeed at that. It's complicated. But the reason for my pissiness is that a supposed friend has breached a trust. That pisses me off to no end. I suppose if I was all nice and forgiving and stuff I wouldn't have been in this situation to begin with because my mouth would've kept itself shut, but ya know, when you're talking to your friends you kind of think you can vent a little bit in confidence. Guess not.

Then Mr. Diva's nephew pulled some spoiled brat shit and insulted my mother-in-law and man, when I heard the story I SAW RED. Spoiled-ass little shit.

I'm also dealing with some personal issues right now and it's got me all pissified too. Life's like that. Not like the box of chocolates ol' Forrest talks about, but I'm thinking more like a mangled box that the UPS has kicked around for a day or two then set out on the porch for the dog to piss all over.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Head to the fair in 110 degree heat! That will make you feel soooo much better! I've been working 12 hours days and over half of that has been at the fair, I'm in a lovely mood too!

Anonymous said...

PMS and heat make us do crazy things but at least you don't steal from children!!

Mrs. E said...

You are needing chocolate again, aren't you? I thought so. One of my students gave me a variety of Hershey's candy for my Birthday. Kept me from killing anyone this week. The good thing about turning 58 is no more PMS or M. You have something to look forward to in your old age!!!!!

Carmel said...

Skip the chocolate, head for the booze. Or better yet, try one of those chocotinis. Yum.

I hate it when friends don't understand that when you talk to them it's in confidence, not for the whole freaking world to know.

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