Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Compassionate little redneck

Tonight was Open House at the school. We met Abby's new teacher (new to the school system, not like new because she has had the same teacher 3 years in a row or anything) and visited with Sam's teacher, picked up our indian school supplies (they're not any different than white kid school supplies - just free) and then headed home.

While I visited with the teachers, the kids took it upon themselves to see who was in their class and where everyone was sitting. Abby was nearly delirious that *Chance* is in her class, but she's rather disappointed that he sits "all the way across the room - and his back is to me!" Oh the horror.

Sam noticed that one particular little girl is in his class, I'll call her Mary. Mary is such a pitiful little girl and I feel so sorry for her that my heart could break. She's always dirty, always wearing dirty clothes that are usually too big for her, her glasses are always filthy and ill-adjusted and she has a speech impediment. I can hardly understand a word the child says. After he named off a few kids he added, "And I have Mary Smith, too." I said, "Oh, Mary Smith. God bless that child."

He sighed and said, "Yeah." Then he paused. "Mom? I bet if Mary had a mom and dad like me she'd talk real purty."


Renee said...

What a sensitive, sweet little boy you have!

Queen Of Cheese said...

That Sam!

GERBEN said...

Aww, how sweet is he? ((hug))

Redneck Diva said...

Kelly, he is amazing. While he can be an ornery little turd at time, he still continues to amaze me with his compassion for others and his ability to see beyond his little area of the world.

Mrs. Coach, hard to believe that noisy, screaming boy of mine can be so sweet, isn't it?

The Real Kidd, he really is! He's so well-rounded - smart, funny, ornery, yet charming, endearing, compassionate and kind. I've done a good job with him! LOL

~ Amanda X&O said...

Aww! What a sweet comment, and hilarious at the same time. "she'd talk real purdy"!! LOL

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