Saturday, February 12, 2005

Menage' huh?

I just had a harried 3-way phone tag conversation with my sister and Courtney regarding picking up our tickets for the Trace Adkins concert which is TONIGHT. Courtney, bless her precious heart, picked up the tickets for us the night they went on sale, scoring us 4th row center tickets. We've since paid her back for them and she left them at the box office for us. Well, since that whole scenario was settled upon, we have now discovered that we will, in all likelihood, be running late tonight. So since Sis is in town she thought she'd pick them up now so we won't have to wait in line and risk missing one milisecond of Trace's rugged handsomeness. They wouldn't let her have them. So she called me and asked me to call Courtney while she tried to figure out the mess. Anyway, it's all fixed now and my sister has in her posession our 4th row tickets!!!!

Phone conversation that took place before the ticket confusion:
Phone rings
Diva: Hello dear sister!
Sis: I am at the Buffalo right now and there are tour busses and truck here as. I. speak.
Diva: (Unintelligible screams, screeches and squeals)
Sis: Yeah, me too
Diva: So can you see anything?
Sis: No...but they are moving HIS equipment in right. now.
Diva: (slightly swooning) I can't believe he's quite possibly there at this moment.
Sis: Me either. I could just tinkle.

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