Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Brief overview of the day:

* Trip to Tulsa - uneventful. Hit the last of morning rush hour, but handled it with skill, grace and poise. Yesssssss.

* Visit with cardiologist - smashingly GREAT. Ab's heart is still fine, she is considered 100% healthy and normal and we never have to see that wonderful doctor again.

* Lunch with oldest daughter - precious. We ate at McDonald's (where else) and just enjoyed a rather shockingly grown up conversation. She talked to me over her apple dippers like she'd talk to a girlfriend. We shared, we laughed, I nearly bawled when it hit me just how big she's getting.

*Drive home - uneventful.

*Afternoon at sister's house - nice. Hung out, laughed, played with her adorable little babysittin' baby, ate Dippin' Strips (It's pizza people. Cut into strips. Entirely overrated.) and she paid. Yessssssssss.

* Parent Teacher Conferences - Wonderful! My daughter has the most beautiful cursive handwriting I've ever seen, (I'm glad that cursive is what she'll use in the adult world, because from the looks of her printing, she was gonna have problems) is still a wonderful reader, happy and well-adjusted. My son is a superstar reader as well, a super wonderful precious child with empathy, compassion and leadership abilities that well surpass those of any other 6 year old I know. (Stop me if I'm making y'all nauseous from all the bragging.)

* First class of 12-week financial management course - Started out not so good, but ended up hysterical.

*Trip to Wal-Mart - Hilarious. It always is with my sister.


Best parts of the day:
**When my sister was oh so delicately trying to ask a question during the finance mgt class about what if someone you know has a spouse who just flat refuses to cooperate and won't hand over his paycheck and won't follow a budget. I'm listening along, wondering who in the world is she asking about. Of course, everyone in the room thinks she's really asking for herself, even though she repeatedly said she wasn't. When she finally, after fielding question after question about her "friend", said, "Look, okay? This person's husband is a redneck and has his own ways of doing things and she can't make him cooperate!" When she said "redneck" I looked up with shock and realized, "Oh shit, she's talking about ME!" I slowly raised my hand and felt everyone in the room look at me as I said, "Okay, I'M the one married to the redneck she's talking about." She turned red, sorry she just pretty much told the class that her brother in law is a stubborn money-hoarder. I just patted her on the shoulder and said, "You really are a good sister." And she is. But man, was it funny watching her dig that whole. We laughed hysterically all the way to Wal-Mart.

**When standing in the checkout line at the Wal-Mart, I asked my sister "So, how much do you think what I have on the belt there is gonna cost?" She looked it all over and said, "Eh, $110." I said, "Oh crap I hope not! I only have $43 in my checkbook!" She laughed and so did the cashier. When the total was finally declared, it came to a mere $37. I said, "Yesssss! I didn't have to write a hot check! Of course, now I can't pay the electric bill...." She very sympathetically said, "Yeah, I know what you mean. Our gas has been AWFUL this year!" The cashier stopped in mid-scan and I stopped in mid-putting a sack in the cart and she stopped and said, "OHHHH! I meant our gas BILL has been bad! BILL!! Gas BILL!"

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