Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reviews, a New Site and Giveaways - oh my!

Because I'm really getting into the product reviewing I'm doing for MomCentral, I decided to start a new site solely for reviews. It keeps them all together, nice and tidy and y'all know how much I like neat and tidy (except when it comes to my office, but we won't go there today).

At my new review site, The Redneck Review, you'll find product reviews, website reviews, service reviews, movie reviews and any other thing I might possibly find to review. Some of the reviews are compensated and some of them are just because I really think you lie awake at night wondering what my opinion is on stuff. Right? Yep, I thought so.

When I post something new over there I'll make sure to let you know with a quick blurb right here, but you might as well go ahead and bookmark it and check it often. You know, just to give yourself a warm fuzzy. By the way, there's a new one up today! How convenient, right?

Also, to kick off the new site, I'm doing a giveaway! Hopefully, as I get more involved with other sites I will be able to offer more things to you, Constant Reader, just because I luz ya so dang much. By the end of today you should be able to click on over to see what I have to give away! (No, it's not one of the kids. I have too much invested in them to just give 'em away like that.)

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