Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 11th, 2008

Dear Papa,

Two years ago yesterday we said good-bye to you and sent you on to Heaven to be with Jesus and Memaw. I still miss you just as much today as I did that final night. At that time I couldn't fathom the world without you in it, that little house on G Street without you in it or my life without you in it. I just miss you so much it hurts.

Yesterday our little town had its first Veteran's Day parade in 50 years. I hate it you missed it - you'd have gotten such a kick out of riding down Main in a Jeep with Uncle Larry and proudly reminding us all the sacrifices you and so many others made. Although for most of my life I thought of you only as a farmer, the older I got, the more I matured, I came to think of you as more things - a Christian, a soldier, a Democrat, a person that everyone liked and admired. Mostly importantly, though, you were my Papa.

Just last week Abby asked me a question that I couldn't answer. I opened my mouth to say, "Call your Papa Leo" but sadly I just said, "Honey, I don't know. If Papa was here he could tell you for sure." She nodded and said, "He was really smart, wasn't he, Momma?"

I miss your gigantic car in the driveway of the house on G Street and seeing it at the head of a lonnnnnnnng line of cars on the highway going roughly 42 mph. I miss your pointy-toed cowboy boots and your snap-front shirts and you wearing a coat in the house. I miss your wrinkly face and skinny shoulders. I miss the way you laughed. I miss the way you lit up when you saw those five grandkids come running at you. I miss the way we'd all walk into your house and almost spontaneously combust because you either had the heat cranked up to 85 in September or had the air conditioner only on fan in the middle of August. I miss the way you never felt obligated to talk if you didn't have something to say. I miss the sounds of HeeHaw or the Lawrence Welk Show coming from your house.

Most of all, though....I just miss you.

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Bailey's Leaf said...

It's so hard when we lose someone we love so much. You are able to share great stories with the kids and with the internet folks.

Keep him alive in your heart.

I'm so sorry.

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