Sunday, November 30, 2008

Little bit of this, little bit of that

* Wednesday Abby, Kady and I made our final trek to Tulsa and had all of the hardware removed from Ab's mouth. Yay! Paul and I are now trying to decide if we pursue the orthodontist in Tulsa for Sam which would be entirely paid for, but would be a substantial financial undertaking with all the driving and y'all know gas isn't going to stay this low forever OR if we want to put him on Paul's dental insurance in the spring, pay what the insurance doesn't cover, but not have to do all that driving. We've got a lot of figgerin' to do.

* Thanksgiving was an exhaustingly emotional day. I did some crying, some laughing, some thinking, some coming-to-terms and I also ate a lot. (Someday soon I might write about the emotions, but I might not. Don't hold your breath either way.) However, I did not eat any stuffing, though, and that's my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn't because I'm low-carbing or anything. Nope, it was because at 10:30 that night my mom called to ask me how I enjoyed the stuffing at dinner. I realized there wasn't any stuffing at dinner - because she forgot it in the oven. I did that with mashed potatoes once. I thought the table looked bare, so I opened a can of peaches and filled that spot. Hours later I found the potatoes in the microwave where I'd put them to keep them warm. It runs in the family.

* Friday moring I slept until after 10. My entire body ached, but it was still awesome to sleep that late. Later I decided I really can't do that anymore because not only did my not-quite-seven-year-old use the toaster to make Eggos for breakfast, she also used the microwave to heat up the syrup. The toaster wasn't the part that freaked me out - it was the thought of nuclear hot syrup that freaked me out.

* Yesterday the kids and I went to town for Abby's hair appointment. We went to Walmart afterwards and pulled in the driveway right about 4:30. I noticed at the end of the driveway that there was a box on the trunk of the car in the driveway and grumbled because our mailman is either incredibly lazy or scared of my puppies because he refuses to get out of the car to leave a package and instead puts packages and boxes on the trunk of the car or on the tailgate of the truck. It was when I pulled in the driveway that I saw the carnage strewn about the yard - I saw mounds and mounds of chewed up paper and various other undefinable things. It was when I identified three black pieces of fabric as the t-shirts I'd ordered the kids off of Etsy that I started shrieking. Funny how both pups made themselves scarce immediately. They chewed up the Etsy package and also a package full of samples I'd ordered a long time ago - lotion, Windex multi-purpose wipe (I was looking forward to trying those...), shampoo, coupons, etc. Fortunately the shirts are fine, I've washed them and the mud came out fine, but this cannot happen again. Ever. Oh yes, I will be calling the post office first thing in the morning. I have no problem picking up packages in town if the mailman is so big a weenie that he's scared of a beagle and a Jack Russell terrier.

* We put up one of the two Christmas trees today. Our living room is absolutely filled to the brim now and I hate how cluttered it feels, but man, I love my tree. The kitchen/dining room tree will go up probably Tuesday night. It's going to take me a few days to get the dining room rearranged and cleared out so it can go up. Oh yes, there will be pictures.

* It snowed today, pretty hard at times and for a solid three hours. Not one flake stuck.

* We got a Wii Fit last week. I have yet to step foot on it. Tomorrow might be the day. And it might not.

* There's more I could write and probably should, but I'm tired and have to actually get up at 5:30 am in the morning because Thanksgiving break is over. Wah.


Sam said...

First! I love doing that, no matter how much I hate it when I see other people do it. I'm lame that way. I heard the Wii Fit is good but a pain in the rear when it comes to log in each time.

Okie Rednecks said...

I LOVE my Wii fit!!! It was an awesome investment for us. Kids love the games too and don't realize they are *gasp* working out!!!! Hope you have a great week. Heard the light display is great!

Melanie said...

Oh You'll have to tell me how you like the Wii Fit. I've been hinting to my hubby that I would love that, but I don't think he's caught on yet! ;) Maybe one day it'll be in the budget!

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