Sunday, November 09, 2008

Oh the joys

I couldn't take the sound anymore. Sam was playing Playstation and making a noise that sounded like a cross between a wounded cow and a Yeti being run over by a steamroller. I try to ignore most noises the kids make repeatedly because if I didn't I'd be insane - it's really noisy in my house most of the time. But this noise was too much to ignore. I hollered from the kitchen, "Sam! You have to stop that awful noise RIGHT NOW! You're driving me nuts!"

The noise thankfully stopped and then I heard my son quietly say, "Alright, Mom. Sorry. I was just pretending to be Chewbacca singing 'Silent Night.'"


There's been a rash of home break-ins lately; fortunately not in our immediate neighborhood, but there have been enough that it freaks me out. I hate to leave the house even to run to the convenience store these days. I know, I am easily freaked out, but I can't help it. Hey, hearing that one woman actually - unbeknownst to her - interrupted the break-in at her house and when the deputy searched her house to ease her mind found the burglar in her bedroom closet....yeah, I think I have reason to freak out.

Of course, the kids have heard the stories and we've made sure they know we're safe and that we will make sure we don't send them into the house first if it looks like we've been robbed. But only because they asked us not to. You know, because that's why we had kids - to bring us the remote and to check the house for burglars.

So when we were getting ready to leave the house this evening I had Sam leave the TV on. I didn't explain why and he didn't question me. When we got home, though, Abby asked, "Just why did you leave the TV on anyway?" I just shrugged, but she asked again, letting me know that she expected an explanation. I said, "It just makes it sound like someone's home, hon." Her eyes got wide, then she got this smug look on her face as she said, "So what you're saying're a big scaredy cat.....right?" Not letting her get the best of me I just smiled and said, "Yeah. I guess. Hey, don't forget to check your closet before you go to bed. I thought I heard something in your room awhile ago."

Yes. I am evil.


Tonight before bed Kady was reading Green Eggs and Ham to me. She was reading along normally then I noticed she was over-enunciating. Suddenly it hit me - she was imitating Sarah Palin.

I nodded and said, "So....gettin' all maverick-y on Dr. Seuss, eh, Kadybug?" She winked at me and kept on reading.


GERBEN said...

LOL, girl our families would so get along.

ROFLMAO! OK, the word verification thingy made me choke. pentis? pentis? Really? LMAO! Oops, sorry. *sniker*

Jill of All Trades said...

Very funny. Made my Monday which has been a real downer.

Robin said...

I hope that robber is the one that's been in my neighborhood. He hasn't hit my house but some neighbors!!

Anonymous said...

Chewbacca singing Silent Night? Your kid is an effin' genius! That's brilliant! And thanks for ruining the end of Barbie and the Diamond Castle. I have been awaiting my own copy with bated breath. Now it's ruined! You ruiner! And..when we got married in high school, I don't recall you mentioning the fact you were already married. Now I have to start reading the Book of Mormon. Thanks a heap. Hussy.

ummmhello said...

BWAHAHA!!! Gettin all mavericky with Dr Suess and Chewbabca's greatest hits?! Your kids are the best!

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