Thursday, October 02, 2008

Well duh

Yesterday morning I got the kids up and then stumbled up front to find coffee, crack or an electric generator to make me feel more human and less like the cranky, allergic fiend I had become.

Kady has a bunk bed and I usually lay her clothes up on her top bunk when I wake her up so she doesn't spend more time climbing up and down the ladder than she does getting ready for school. After she finishes groaning about not wanting to get up, she gets dressed and makes her bed before her feet ever hit the floor. I don't oversee this process because inevitably she ends up crying if I try to help.

About 20 minutes after she woke up she finally emerged from her room. From over the rim of my coffee cup I saw her and said, "Well, aren't you just cute" and went back to drinking the nectar of life. She didn't even miss a beat. She flipped her hair over one shoulder and said, "You're just figuring that out?"

We....the people

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