Friday, October 10, 2008

Make make make make a caaa-aaake.

After reading the title, if you are now humming the pancake song I love you and want to be your BFF Jill and braid your hair and talk about boys with you. If you aren't humming the pancake song I will share it with you now: The Pancake Song. Let me know when you're humming along.

Anyway, that diversion out of the way, this is what I did one rainy afternoon this week - I decided to make a checkerboard cake.

(Stew, look! I have met and befriended horizontal rule! eHarmony has nothin' on you, my friend. We're getting along fabulously and plan on buying a home together soon.)

I decided to use two cake mixes, a devil's food and a white one tinted pink.

(We also had French bread with dinner that night.)

Then I prepared the pans and the special, magical, plastic doohicky that transforms any cake mix into checkerboardy goodness.

Nonner helped. He finds me vastly entertaining whislt I bake.

(Bumbo seat - best baby invention ever.)

Mmmm....cake batter.

Here are the three pans, ready to go in the oven.

Bull's eye!

Here they are out of the oven.

Paul said they looked like boobs.

Since I used two cake mixes, I had enough of each left over to make swirly cupcakes. But only 7 swirly ones and one plain pink one. I ate the pink one first so it didn't feel left out any longer than it had to.

And four days later, this is all that remains of the checkerboard cake. I could've sworn I took a picture of the completed cake, but I can't find it on the laptop anywhere.

I guess it's a good thing my family is still noshing on the forty-leven cupcakes I made on Wednesday, otherwise there wouldn't even be a piece of this cake left.

I should probably throw it out now. It growled at me when I took the cover off.


Anonymous said...

I bow at the feet of your bakeriness - go read my latest post and you will know why!

I am that person - the person for whom Sam's makes glorious cupcakes and cakes. The person for whom Duncan Hines makes the frozen, in the pan, stick straight into the oven brownies. The person for whom my good friend, Mika, makes birthday cakes for my children. Sigh...

That is one impressive cake though!

(Love the bumbo, too, but my two year old was too ginormous for it when it was age appropriate!)

Stewed Hamm said...

Great to see that you and your BFF Jill, the Horizontal Rule are all up in each others' griddles, or whatever.
I can see where your cakes are a bit boob-like. The last thing anyone needs is somebody groping their dessert.

Sam said...

Yay for the HR tag. Yay for awesome cakey goodness. Boo for Bumbo seats. They scare me a lot.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Awesome cake, girl. Pioneer Woman better look out cause here you come to take over her territory!

Anonymous said...

you go girl.. you got 'r done
gp in montana

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