Friday, October 31, 2008

Playing Dress-up

So it's Friday and there's no better way to celebrate a Friday AND Halloween than a photoblog!!

Kady went to school today as Fancy Nancy. If you're not part of the Kindergarten/First Grade set you might not be familiar with Fancy Nancy, but friends and neighbors, if that is the case, you are missing out. Nancy Clancy is a little girl who LOVES being fancy and substitutes everyday phrases with French words, has redecorated her room and her family in one book and well, let's just say that I think the Jane O'Connor had my Kady in mind when she created Nancy.

From the tip of her momma's Band Queen tiara to the toes of her thrift store shoes, that girl is fancy.

(Bless her heart, she's got her asthma inhaler in her sparkly purse. Sparkly, yet functional!)

Does this picture make you wonder if a flying house will land on her at some point today?

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for nerds.

My little Poindexter.

He's totally playing the part, too - he snorts and pushes his glasses up and walks funny. It's dang hilarious.
I think the briefcase makes the man. I mean, boy. I mean, nerd.

Ab can't dress up now that's she in the big Middle School, but her usual wardrobe consists of skulls and barbed wire and lots of black, so she'll fit in well with the general theme of the day regardless.

This picture is the perfect shot of my children:
You've got the little diva posing for shots amidst glitter, glitz and a feather boa.
Then you have the cut-up who lives to entertain.
And finally the one who truly believes she is above it all.
I love those kids.

This is a Paul on a normal day. Actually this is him before he left for work this morning.
Pretty handsome, normal-looking guy, eh? A little on the redneck side, but otherwise normal....right?

Well, meet his alter-ego.
And, well, I guess mine, too.
He is Biker Man and I am Scarecrow Girl.
Beware evildoers. We will roar in on our Harley and scare your crows off your agriculture.

Happy Halloween!!


Okie Rednecks said...

Awwww. They are soooo cute! And the Band Queen tiara. To think I was the flower girl for that!!! Hope they have a great halloween!!!

Sarah J Clark said...

The picture of the too-big shoes with crazy socks is a keeper. I'd almost frame it!


Anonymous said...

Too, too cute!

My two yo son HATES costumes (ran screaming from poor Buzz Lightyear) while my 9 yo son would wear a costume every. single. day.

Your son kind of reminds me of the ultimate nerd - I mean, my husband! (Actually, he prefers geek, but the end result is the same!)

Happy sugar high!

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