Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not dead. I swear.

You know you're doing a pretty poor job at maintaining your blog when one of your favoritest blog readers asks you to post soon while you are waiting in line at Walmart.

This afternoon my BFF Tiff text me and said she was going to quit me. Don't leave me for Brokeback Mountain, Tiff!

Mrs. Coach has been strangely quiet. She must be busy at work.

Even my mom asked if everything was okay because she hadn't noticed anything new. Yes my mom. The one who apologizes to people when they say they read my blog. Yep, THAT mom.

So while I know in my heart that I should really just go ahead and write something witty and cheeky and humorous and engaging since I'm already here and have the little write-y box all open and stuff, I'm going to gracefully just ask y'all to hang in for a few more hours and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon there will be more words here for you to read. Words that will make you giggle, words that will make your nod your head, words that will make your grin like a possum eatin'.....nevermind.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?


Sam said...

What do possums eat?

Sarah J Clark said...

Just found your blog. I'll be a regular visitor from here on out, unless, of course, you do go whole-hog and grow a mullet.

MrsCoach said...

I've been quiet because you've been twittering and that's apparently all I'm gonna get. Don't make me push you off the bridge.....BLOG!

Blondie said...

Wow, I am such a groupie!

Glad you're not dead, and will live to entertain us once again.


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