Monday, October 02, 2006

Yet another testament of my superb mothering skills

Tonight for dinner my kids ate probably the worst nutritional conglomerations possible.

Abby fixed herself a bowl of Easy Mac. And then treated herself with an ice cream sandwich.

Sam made himself three peanut butter sandwiches, chased them with a few dozen handfulls of Doritos, THEN ate an ice cream sandwich.

Kady had a Go-gurt, then some Princess fruit snacks THEN topped it all off with a Little Debbie cake.

All of this was pre-empted by popsicles as their after-school snack.

Hey, it's hot, we have no air conditioner and cooking anything was going to heat up the house. The not cooking thing - I did it for them.

I ate a thing of string cheese and am on my 4000th glass of iced tea.

Didn't I read somewhere that Fall is supposed to be cool? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I could've sworn that Autumn was supposed to be all about leaves falling, crisp, cool temperatures and frost. Right now we're experiencing a revival of skin-melting hotness which, frankly, SUCKS.

Those pumpkins I sat on the front porch in an attempt to escort fall in properly? They're pies now. Forget carving them, kids - we just have to serve them with Cool Whip.


Carrie said...

I am so with you on the fall season lagging behind! Just because I live in freakin' Virginia Beach doesn't mean that fall doesn't visit here! I know there's a fall and a winter here, but I've only lived here about five months or so. I hope I'm not dreaming. Next, someone will tell me that Santa Claus doesn't visit Virginia Beach, either. I'm sure there was a point during the summer when my fat ass was soaking in rays at the beach and I might have said that I loved summertime and I wish it was summer all year long, but it was the heat and dehydration that was talking. I didn't mean it. Now, my fat, white ass is wanting the cool weather to come, so I can cover up with turtlenecks and nobody will ever know that I'm the only person in town that doesn't have a tan!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick o' this crap! It has been a sweltering summer for the past 5 months. Spring was hot, summer was hot, autumn's hot. I want frost on the pumpkin, dammit. I want hot apple cider and steaming pots of soup. I thought putting my summer clothes away might have an impact on the weather, but I was mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Cool? In autumn? You must be thinking of the days of yore when the leaves turned and fell to the ground and children were allowed to dress up for Halloween and wear the costume to school (without a team of psychologists tackling said kid to the ground and forcing him into a more politically correct and less nightmare inducing costume). And later on we used to get that white stuff. The whatsit. Oh yeah, Snow! It is believed that ancient man, at one time, had to wear a jacket to go outside in December. Sure am glad global warmning is a myth, we'd really be screwed.

Queen Of Cheese said...

The 95 degree weather would be GREAT if I were at the lake. I feel so silly walking around the pool in my bathing suit (for more than the obvious reasons now)in October! If I only had time to go camping, I would be so happy to sweat. No Camping = No Sweating....someone didn't get my memo apparently!

Kellyology said...

I was at the lake last weekend, and I was still pissed about the 90's in OCTOBER! Lord, when will it ever end?

LLB said...

my a/c is on in october... why?! i was hoping our electric bill could go down. the 2 old window units we've got are on their last summer before the scrap heap and they really suck power. i hope it gets cold, actually cold, this winter.

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