Sunday, October 22, 2006

Speed. I am speed. I also eat paint.

I am so tired of white walls that I simply had to go with a color in Sam's room. I can't wait until I get every room in this house painted a color. I hate white walls! (Paul blames HGTV for my new love of colored walls. My mother-in-law said that if I paint the living room "pumpkin" like I want to, that she'll vomit on the carpet the first time she walks in, guaranteed.) When we made the toyroom the toyroom I took a big jump (for me, at the time) and painted the one sheetrocked wall pink, yellow and green pastels. (Different panels of the wall. I didn't just throw paint all over it willy-nilly.) But now....oh now since HGTV has gotten its claws into me....pastels just aren't enough. I need color!! Bright, vibrant color. My mom painted her dining room brick red and a gorgeous yellow that I just LOVE. So my rants about color's Sam's room:

Still needs curtains and need blinds. Mom's taking care of the curtains and a bedspread for his birthday. Shhh...don't tell.

The vibrantly blue bookcase:

That bookcase has been mine since I was a baby. My Poppy made it for me. Until Friday, it was the same white that it's been since he painted it when he built it.

The Tow Mater poster that was used as a consolation prize since he didn't get a highway painted around his room. I'm still on the lookout for some Route 66 signs. That shouldn't be a problem since we live on old Route 66. It's just a matter of getting them.

The metal on his desk and the wood parts of his chair are going to be painted Lightning McQueen red the next time I get some days off.

And as promised...a picture of me....eating paint.

And then sharing with my nephew and youngest child. Because I'm just really nice that way.


Carrie said...

I have finally added your link to my page! Yeah for me - all by myself! I love Sam's room! We have khaki walls in our condo, but our old house had lots of color! I loved my red living room! The "nursury" room was yellow. The guest room was bright blue, and our bedroom was bright yellow. The master bathroom was bright purple. The former owners apparently let their 4-year old choose the color scheme, but I liked it. The only thing I added myself was the yellow in our bedroom and the red in the living room. Everything else was already there. :)

Anonymous said...

That looks great! I can't stand white walls either! When we move into our house, I painted my room a sage green with a color wash over it. Then I got creative and painted my living room "coffee" with creme color crown molding, which I will probably never change because I love it so much. The kitchen/dining room is a butter yellow (looks great with all my blue willow dishes). My extra bedroom (better known as the I Love Lucy room) is pink. So cute. I will never go back to white walls!

Kellyology said...

I'm with you white walls! However, I'm a really slow decorator so I still have 5 rooms left to get rid of the "tulsa tan."

Hillbilly Mom said...

Wow! Can you come paint my boys' rooms? And make them all neat like Sam's? I'll even buy you a scratch-off ticket. C' know you want to!

Now I must ask: what are those things hanging over the bed? Lights with frayed electical wires for the young 'un to play with as he drifts off to sleep? Because if I saw something like that in my house, it would be frayed electrical wires that HH had salvaged from some demolition project at work.

Are you related to Gene Simmons? I think I see a resemblance.

Shannon said...

I don't like white walls either, or brown paneling which is allllll ovvvverrrrr my house! AH!
It is a %&*@# to paint over too!
Sam's walls are about the same color as Brady's and the baby room. I love that color. I will have to post pics soon.
Love your shirt! LOL :)
and No, I think you will have to keep Jakey at your house. Ha.

Sam said...

I think my upstairs and dining room are about that color. I like it. Also, paint is good for you. And! it is low calorie.

Cazzie!!! said...

Did it taste of vanilla? LOL

Jennifer said...

I love Sams' room! Awesome job!

Stewed Hamm said...

The first thing I noticed was the dangly frayed wiring-y light things too. Maybe you needed to get him high on paint fumes so he wouldn't notice your cunning trap, but it seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to just to electrocute the kid.

Is that the Great Value paint, or do you like the taste of the name brand paint better?

Redneck Diva said...

Carrie, if I were to let my 4-year-old pick out the paint in my house the entire thing would be pink. Just pink.

I have big plans for color all over this house - now to just get the money to do it and a cooperative husband!

Anon/C, all hail colored walls! I would love to have a pink and black room like your Lucy room. Someday....

Kelly, the colorization of my house is going to be a long, drawn-out process, but I will prevail! Stay the course, sister - you can prevail, too!

Hillbilly Mom, it's been a whole week and his room STILL looks as clean as it did in those pictures! If painting will keep my house clean, I'm going to set off a bomb tonight.

I meant to explain the hanging-down things when I posted the pictures, but I forgot. Because we are rednecks and can't just go to Wal*Mart and buy extension chain for the ceiling fan pulls, the boy just tied white curly ribbon from a birthday present onto the short chains. And then, because he could never remember which one was the light and which one was the fan, he tied a skeleton to the light one. I'm sure the professional designers at HGTV would have conniptions over that.

Shannon, our living room has very dark panelling and I am SO READY to get it painted! I HATE panelling!!

That shirt is from the original campaign back in 1993 or so. It's a tradition that I must now wear it to paint - every time I get it to to paint yet another room, the kids gather round to point at various splashes and smears and listen while I identify which room that particular color came from. We're building memories, yes we are.

Sam, considering his room was painted with flat white paint (the previous owners obviously did not have a small son), the brown was a pretty drastic change. He loves it, though, because it matches his 'Mater poster.

Cazzie!!, it would've if I had remembered to put the vanilla in it like I usually do. Because a cap of vanilla in the paint can will keep your house from reeking of paint fumes for a week like ours still does. But I forgot. So it was actually rather latex-y, lol.

Jennifer, thanks!

Stewed Hamm, not frayed wiring - just redneck fan pulls.

I actually prefer the taste of the Great Value brand. But Ace's brand of paint is pretty tasty, too.

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