Tuesday, June 06, 2006

They don't party like they used to

Abby went home with Irish Divinity tonight after work. Kady and Sam went home with Tater after work.

Mr. Diva and I have the house all to ourselves. Did we immediately run in here to make wild, loud, passionate monkey-love? Did we get our shoes and my huntin' purse so we could make a casino run?


  • We took the trash to the dumpster.
  • We put flea stuff on the dog and pulled the most ginormous tick I've ever seen in my life out of his ear which made him yelp and pee all over the place.
  • We discussed worming the cats, but neither of us felt suicidal.
  • We leaned on the truck and talked about finishing the playhouse and various other tasks that need to be done before the new job starts.
  • I waxed my upper lip.
  • He watched COPS.
  • Now we're going to watch Brokeback Mountain. IF we can both stay awake.

Gosh, I hope we don't forget our Geritol before bed.


Cazzie!!! said...

Usualy, before we go out, which is a rare occasion, and the kids are going to babysat, I run around the house all day cleaning up all the mess they create and by the time I am dressed to go out I am done for! Mind you, I don't take long to get ready but the shear exercise of having the house clean so they can make it messy again anyways drains me.
Then, if they are going to stay elsewhere I still fix up the house so I don't get home to a messy place and when that is done I get ready to go out and I am still pooped!
When I am getting ready I usualy put on my Rolling Stones/ Queen Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert...to get me moving for the night.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're old. I can't say much, I've not had sex on an anniversary for 5 years. I think you're done for tho'. I mean, if a couple of sheep-herders secretly butt-rutting on the Wyoming countryside doesn't get you moist and ready to go... what will?

Politically Homeless said...

A missed opportunity to be sure, but who can resist "Cops" and "Brokeback Mountain?"

Redneck Diva said...

Cazzie!!, I know what you mean! If it's my mother that watches the kids I have to run around cleaning up so she won't do it while we're gone and if it's a sitter I have to clean up so she won't go home and tell her mother what a slob I am!

Cedric, you're not far behind me, friend. And for the record, I did not get moist while watching the sheep-herders. Sleepy, yes. Moist, no.

Brian, not us, obviously!

Anonymous said...

You mean by calling it something like Brokebutt Mountin'? Yeah, it's a shame. Glad I don't know anyone like that.

Stewed Hamm said...

I was thinking "Poke-crack Mountin'" myself... but yeah, good thing we're not ignorant savages like that.

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