Sunday, February 12, 2006

You got here HOW?

Sex ramblings videos (Rambling that the sex that just goes on and on and on and you're falling asleep and filing your nails and tapping your foot?)

Redneck bra (Which is different from any other bra ......... how?)

Redneck (I love it. So simple. So understated.)

Redneck weekend (Every weekend is a redneck weekend around here. If it were anything else, I'd worry.)

pictures bar wench boob boob cleavage (Nope. I have no clue either. )

armstrong albuterol (Is that a name brand?)

red neck booty (Was this search for a neck booty that is red? Or was it just a simple case of redneck being misspelled?)

redneck party table toppers (Simple. Any weed or wildflower in a Mason jar. Elegant and unrefined.)

redneck diva kristin hoover (What's so funny about this one is that the link was shortened on the opening referrer page and it only said "redneck diva kristin ho". I was offended for a few minutes there.)

Toothless redneck photo (No, not here. Trust me, I would know if they weren't. My momma reminds me often about how she scrubbed toilets for my pretty teeth - I make sure they all stay in my head.)

Redneck bad names (Like some of my relatives from further down in Oklahoma, the ones who all go by both first and middle's just sad really. I used to be offended that they never called me Kristin Dawn, but now, not so much.)

diva star game (I knew I'd be famous for something! Now, does anyone want to tell me how to play this game?)


Queen Of Cheese said...

I have the collectors edition of Diva Star Game, I had to send in UPC labels off Free Cheese to get it!

Redneck Diva said...

Jersey, hey any time, girlie! I hate it when I can't figure something out, something that everyone else is doing!

Mrs., so that's why all the UPCs are missing from MY free cheese each month!

Collector's Edition, eh? That must've taken extra free cheese!

April, I second that sigh.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Greetings, fellow Wyandottian; long time, no see.

I'm endlessly fascinated by the searches people use to find my blog; a vast majority of them revolve around monkey themes:

monkey bones sales
monkeys telling jokes
how do monkeys rely on sound
monkeys favorite dessert
monkey critic

So far, I don't think anyone's found quite what they're looking for . . .

We....the people

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