Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yoda ain't got nothin' on my mom

My mom doesn't read my blog, but occasionally when I write something that is particularly humorous or has to do with the kids, I'll send it on to her. I sent her my previous post this morning. And my mother, who is the wisest of sages, replied with this:


I hope Rich Optometrist doesn’t read “blogs”. If he does I will have to start going to Lens Crafters. (ha)

I know just how you feel. It never fails that when you feel you look your worst, your run into people who “appear” to look their best. Most likely this morning neither person could even tell you what you had on last night.

You may wear New Balance shoes (do those come from Wal-Mart? My kids will NEVER wear that brand) (again ha) and not have on make-up, but YOU WERE THERE…………..that is what counts. Do you think Sam cares if you have on make-up? NO, because you are beautiful to him anywhere and at anytime because you are his mother and he loves you unconditionally.

Chances are even if you had been dressed to the hilt and had on your tiara, you would have probably still felt inferior. You know why? Because you allow people to make you feel that way. We are all equal in God’s eyes and are all basically the same inside. It is just that we all have different “shells” on the outside. My shell now comes with gray/white hair, but the old gal is still 18 on the inside. She may not be dressed for the prom today, but she still likes to dance.

Daughter of mine, never, I repeat, NEVER let other people make you feel inferior. You are a wonderful person and an absolutely terrific Mom and I know for a fact that Abby, Sam and Kady would not trade you for any beauty queen in this universe.

Because after all, you know how to make Goop out of cornstarch.

I love you.


When I grow up I wanna be just like her.


MamaKBear said...


Moms always seem to know just what to say, don't they?

I'll say something too....You rock! And I can tell from reading you that you are a fantastic Mama yourself. :)

Queen Of Cheese said...

That's sweet. My mom told me last night she hoped I made it the rest of the week without injuring myself. It's like she KNOWS me or something!

Kim said...

Does she KNOW how great she is?

That's one of the greatest letters I've read. She rocks. But then the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and we already knew you rocked!

GERBEN said...

Awww, moms are the best! Sounds like you have one heck of a mom there Diva. I think she raised one heck of a daughter. *grin*

Derek Knight said...

Man, I have a pair of New Balance. They ain't cheap (at least, by my standards).



Redneck Diva said...

Mama K, my mom is awesome in that deparment! And to think that back when I was 14 and 15 I thought she was the stupidest person on the planet! My how times have changed.

Mrs., well....history has a way of repeating itself. *grin*

Kim, no, my mother has no idea how truly awesomely wonderful she is. I try to tell her as often as I possibly can, though. I can't imagine my life without her.

The Real Kidd, oh I DO have one heck of a mom!! She's the best.

Derek, no, they aren't cheap - thus the worn spots on the sides. I can't afford another pair!!

The joke about shoes that mom made is that when I was a kid I had to wear Wal*Mart shoes when Nikes were new all the rage and we just flat didn't have that kind of money. So I vowed (as a teenager) that my children would never wear Wal*Mart shoes or clothes. Now I'm married to an Associate and dagummit I can't pass up that 10% discount! My poor kids...

Everyone, y'all thanks for the kind words! It's so nice to know that I come through on here as a halfway decent parent. I sure as heck try - my gosh I love those kids. Mrs. Coach has heard me threaten to beat them till candy comes out, though, so I'm far from perfect, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. What wonderful advice your mom gave to you. I hope that I when I'm a mother I can offer those same words of advice to my child.

Carmel said...

Diva - Your mom is a wise woman. A genius in fact. I'll have to remember her words the next time I'm at the check out line and one of the "beautiful people" I write articles about is in the same line, looking beautiful, while I have on my old jeans and no make-up.

chosha said...

Your mum rocks! I mean, not as much as my mum, but pretty close! ^_^

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