Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Kady's doing much better today. Sunday she went virtually fever-free all evening, but then Monday morning her temp crept back in again. She played more, but wore out easily.

I had already called my babysitting moms Sunday night to tell them I would not be allowing their children into my germ-laden home, so then after finding out there was no school Monday either, all five Divas stayed home. That was fun actually. I did laundry and dishes, took a nap with Kady and the others played outside while the Queen and her Princess slept. Didn't accomplish a whole lot, but we read a lot of books and sorted GS cookies, so it was a marginally productive day.

It's just KD and I here today. Since she still had a fever yesterday evening I felt like it would be prudent to keep her isolated again today, just for good measure. No fever today! I nearly did a cartwheel when I felt her little head this morning, but then I remember that I'm fat and really can't do cartwheels and figured I'd better just hug her and say, "Yay! No fever!" Better to err on the side of caution, ya know.

I left the casino ahead last night and bought all three kids some funky toy thing and me a new sports bra because I guess I am destined to have a uni-boob for the rest of my life or until I can afford to go to Lane Bryant for real boob-defining bras. And I bought Mr. Diva a box of condoms, so he definitely came out the winner because he got like, twelve toys. Anyway, this toy thing I bought the kids, Tater has been buying them for her kids so I figured I'd get on the bandwagon. It looks like a packet of JellO when you open it, but you drop the packet into warm water and it fizzes like crazy and turns color and then when the fizzing is done you fish around in the skanky pink frothy water to find your toys. There are 2 or 3 in each package. Kady got an Aurora, Jasmine and Snow White. I got Ab a Princess one as well and Sam Marvel Comics. It was actually pretty cool and Kady has played with this teeninsy princesses all dang morning. They even helped her put together puzzles this morning, so they're helpful princesses as well. I'm not sure Ab's gonna be all that excited, but I have a feeling that Sam will think the fizzing colored water is worthy of mess-making, God love that boy. I nearly gave him to a band of gypsies yesterday.

I've got a killer headache today. Not a migraine, just a rotten-ass headache. My neck is achey as well. I called DivaMom and asked her to pray THE FLU away for me. She prayed away her nose polyps a year or so ago and figured she's pretty good at the praying thing. Plus, she reminded me that she also prayed a lot and God gave her a NEW JOB, so yeah, I asked her to get right on that praying thing. I really don't think I'm getting THE FLU, even though my germy child coughed on me, barfed on me and basically laid on me nonstop for 24 hours, I think I just sat next to a dude last night that was smoking cigarettes made out of prairie grass laden with asbestos. Those were some seriously stinky cigarettes. And I've been known to smoke a cigarette or two in my life, but seriously, he offended me. But the praying thing can't hurt. Just in case it is THE FLU.

I really have nothing else to report. There are 24 minutes left in my soap opera so I'm going to watch that, then the Princess and I will be retiring to our quarters to take our royal naps.

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Queen Of Cheese said...

Better a Uni-boob than a Quad-boob which I seem to get a lot of these days b/c I can't find a bra big enough.

You newest little one was at dance class last night, he's sooooo cute! And he has his Mama wrapped to the point he whines and gripes but never opens his eyes to see if it's working, he knows it is!!!!

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