Saturday, February 18, 2006

104.1 and snowy

No, that's not some crazy Weather Channel meteorologist's kooky forecast - it was my youngest child's temperature an hour ago and the current conditions in my front yard.


I had a PhPhPh post all in the works yesterday and then CBG started acting funny. Fussing and just generally not acting herself. Well, no wonder - she had a 102 temp. Poor baby was miserable! So I called her Momma and poked some Motrin in her, kept her happy and cool. I also ended up calling Chan's momma at work because he was not feeling well again yesterday. He'd gone home early the day before with a 101.7 temp. She said he was better and brought him back yesterday. But he still wasn't up to par and I sent him back.

My MaInLaw offered to come out and watch the kids this evening so we could go out. The original plan was to go see Brokeback Mountain with the Taters. But Bub refused. I can't believe that I got Paul talked into it and then Bub balked. Oh well. Anyway, after seeing the weather forecasts all day repeatedly mentioning the significant snow and ice we'd be receiving today we all opted to go out last night. We called Mom and she offered to take all five kids if we could have them picked up by 8am. Sure, no biggie. So we loaded everyone up and dropped off the kids and went - where else - to the Buffalo.

We ate dinner and played for about an hour and a half in the new casino - Joe's Outback. "Take the short walk down the long hall" and something about a taste of the Old West, blah blah, but I'm fairly certain that Matt Dillon never played RedBall while Miss Kitty cheered him on back in the Old West. Anyway, after we'd lost all we cared to lose back there we went back up front and figured we'd go talk to security and see if the forecast had changed. We took one look out the front door and all gasped. Snow!! LOTS of snow!! Blowing snow everywhere!! Paul whistled and said, "Holy sh*t", Tater said, "Oh my gosh, we are so stupid. We just HAD to come out here tonight, didn't we?"

Eh, Paul, like any good redneck, has 4WD so we weren't too worried and convinced the Taters to stay and play another couple of hours. When we left the casino, the first 4-way stop we came to turned out to be more of a "Slide Through and Pray the Other Guy is Paying Attention" because that's exactly what happened. Even in 4WD. As the other truck got closer to MY side of the pickup I had visions of turning the Ram into a demolition derby truck and was wishing I was wearing my helmet. Fortunately, the other guy managed to stop and we slid on through unharmed.

We took the Taters back to Mom's to get their car and there was actual discussion about just taking the kids home with us then, but the Taters - even without 4WD - had a hankering to stop at another casino and well, you know our penchant for RLTKAOOTHS, so we left 'em sleeping warmly at their Grammy's.

The snow had stopped by 3, when we went to bed and at 6:30 when we got up, it hadn't snowed any more. But HOLY NIGHT it was COLD!!! Our fireplace usually runs us out, stripping off clothes and opening windows, but today that meager 10 degrees and the windchill of relatively TWENTY DEGREES COLDER THAN ANTARCTICA is making the fireplace seem like a kitchen match.

We got to Mom's around 8:10 and she opened the door, greeting us with, "Go feel your youngest daughter." She was burning up. When we got her home I took her temp - 103.7. I put her on her daddy's lap and fixed her up a double shot of Motrin. I had no sooner gotten back to the kitchen with the syringe than I heard, "DADDY!! TELL MOMMA I'M GONNA FROW UP!!" I ran back in with the trashcan and well, that was a wasted dose of Motrin. God love her, she was miserable. I called Dad and he said to cool her down with cool cloths on the forehead, neck, groin and underarms while we waited for the Phenergan to work enough that she could keep some more Motrin down. After about 30 minutes I got more Motrin down her and she fell asleep. When she woke up she was cooler and asked for some Gatorade and crackers. I obliged and she watched a few cartoons then fell back to sleep. When she woke up again she was on fire. That's when the thermometer read 104.1. It was really too early for more Motrin, but I'm out of children's Tylenol so I gave her more Motrin. She's cooled off again, but it hasn't broke, so I know in a few hours it'll shoot back up again.

We called MaInLaw to tell her not to come tonight, but she had her heart set on seeing the kids and bringing them ungodly amounts of junk food and pizzas, so she's coming over anyway. She's braving ice and snow to bring my kids sugar and crap. Now, that's love. Hopefully she'll bring children's Tylenol, too.

When we got back from picking up the kids there was a message from CBG's momma telling me that she was taking her to UrgentCare. I called her back and asked if we could hitch a ride. I was joking, of course - we have to stick with Oklahoma hospitals. CBG's big brother just got over a bout of the actual, real live flu which went into pneumonia, so she's naturally concerned. CBG wouldn't drink anything and she's only a whole whopping 16 pounds anyway, plus running a 103+ temp . . . not a good combination.

I called to check on Chan this morning, too. He's fine as frog hair.
At least someone is.


MamaKBear said...

Lots of sick babies today! Meghan's temp got as high as 103 last night, and she's sitting in her exersaucer right now, just kinda hanging around. Poor baby...I need to take her temperature again and probably give her more Tylenol.

At least mine aren't "frowing" up!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Prayers that everybody feels better quick!~

Hillbilly Mom said...

Hope Kady feels better soon. And your other Cute Babies, too. I hate it when kids are sick. They are helpless.

OK, I am going to issue an unofficial pneumonia alert. Watch these little ones. My poor kid did not get rid of the pneumonia with the first round of antibiotics. The doctors said his lungs sounded fine, but the x-rays showed pneumonia. HH had it, a couple of our teachers had it, and they spent 5 days in the hospital. BEWARE!

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