Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My momma told me

Tonight, I called my momma because when things take a dive, after I cry to my husband and he puts his strong arms around me and tells me he'll kick the asses of whoever is making me cry, I call my mom for sympathy and advice. As I sat here in my big chair after a very tearful conversation, my momma told me a story:

There once was a man who was stranded on a desert island. (Don't all good stories start with the desert island theme? Where are my coconuts?) He was alone in the middle of the ocean - no ships were seen, no planes. He was alone and unsure of what to do. Finally he decided to make the best of his situation and he started to build. He built himself a hut. It turned out so well, he built himself some furniture. He was happy in his new little island home. To celebrate, he decided to go fishing and have a feast. (A fish feast!)

While he was fishing his little island hut caught fire and began to burn. When he returned to the beach and saw his hut on fire he fell to his knees and asked God, "Why did this happen? I don't understand!"

He eventually fell asleep and awoke hours later to the sound of a boat coming ashore on his little island. Astonished, he watched as his rescuers approached. He ran to them and smiling, one of the sailors said, "We saw your signal fire."

The moral to this story? Sometimes it's not a bad thing when your hut burns.

My hut is burning. I hope the signal fire brings something better. All prayers appreciated.


Stewed Hamm said...

Is that why it's been raining so damn much lately... just so you can have sailors float up to your burning hut? Well, at least it's a good reason.

Lady Beekeeper said...

This, too, shall pass. Sometimes you have to let something go to allow good things can replace it - sort of the signal fire without the storytelling. Hope things look better, soon.

Anonymous said...

My huts been burning out of control since January 2nd, 2008. What gets me through is knowing that the good LORD will not put more on my shoulders than I can spiritually, emotionally or physically handle.

My prayers are with you during your difficult time.

Robin said...

Be strong...lean on your loved ones and your faith.

Big Okie Hugs

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys.

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