Monday, May 26, 2008

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

In a nutshell......

For some reason an electrical leg burned out between the pole and the house (Lightning strike? Leftover ice storm damage? Who knows?), leaving us with only half power throughout the house. The half that's out would be specifically: the oven, the stove, the dryer, the washing machine and the hot water tank. This means we are hungry and stinky and I just thank God that I caught all my laundry up on Friday otherwise we'd be naked, too.

Fortunately, the air conditioner is on a completely different leg and we can run it. So we don't have to add sweaty to the above list as well.

Of course, this all happened on a holiday weekend, so not even my cousin the electrician has returned my desperate calls, but I totally understand the need for a holiday. Totally. But I am seriously needing a shower in my own house, so I'm glad tomorrow is Tuesday. Business will resume and hopefully we'll get some power or at least get on a list.

I'm inconvenienced as all get out, but my mother in law put it all into perspective for me the other day when, after a particularly raucous whining session on my part, she reminded me that she was fairly sure that some of the people of Picher would love to be sitting in their house with half power right about then.

Humbled much.

Oh and in the meantime, it would appear that Abby has come down with yet another case of strep throat. Oh and Kady? Yeah, she woke up with a sore throat today, too. She's currently sprawled across me, which means I have typed this entire post with only my right hand while she occasionally emits a moan not unlike a zombie in Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

Best part of the last few days? The kids got to run to the 'fraidy hole earlier this afternoon. We were under a severe thunderstorm warning, but nothing just insanely freaky right then, but as soon as I said, "Hey, kids, go find your shoes and get them on" they were running for blankets, stuffed animals, pictures of Zach Efron and Kady came out trailing her woobie behind her as they ran for the cellar. Oh and they each had a popsicle in hand. You know, just in case they were stranded down there for all of 10 minutes or something. It wasn't a necessary run, but they had a good time and before we knew it, the storm had blown over and they were back here in the house watching Boomerang like nothing had ever happened.

Me? I stood in the yard and text Mrs. Coach while the storm blew through.

I am a nervous wreck having the computer plugged in right now because obviously the electricity in our house is hinky, but I was having serious withdrawl, so I'm chancing it. Plus, there's another round of storms on the way so I'll have it all unplugged here in a bit anyway.

I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow, but with two sick kids I'm not sure...... There will definitely be an early morning phone call to the PA in an effort to try and beat all the other mothers who are calling at the same time I am because they, too, have spent the holiday weekend with sick kids and are trying to beat me. They're outta luck - I got mad dialing skillz.


Marshamarshamarsha said...

Sorry about the electricity. Our fridge apparently had a meltdown (more like a fire) either last nite or this morning. Everything in the freezer was covered with black soot and smelled like burnt plastic. Guess we were lucky it didn't burn the house down. So glad Lowe's was open on a holiday. Good luck with getting your power fixed early!

Anonymous said...

This means we are hungry and stinky and I just thank God that I caught all my laundry up on Friday otherwise we'd be naked, too.

You've made a stinky situation pretty funny.

Thanks for the laugh!

And hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hey you forgot the part about the bad lay.......very well the best part of the story!!!!

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