Friday, May 30, 2008

Comedy of Errors

Ever have one of those weeks that you wonder why on earth it was even necessary to be a part of it? I've only had a few in my life, but this one just about ranks up there at the top. The worst, by far was the period of about a week and a half where:

a) Our attic caught on fire when our attic fan shorted out and if we hadn't been at home we would've lost everything
b) Kady got Roseola, but I didn't know it was Roseola when she spiked the 105 temp and was limp as a dishrag and scared the living crap out of us and I drove her to the ER on the verge of panic
c) My husband was hit by a car while on his motorcycle.

Yeah. That was a bad one.

But this one is close.

a) An electrical "leg" burned out (Hey, when the guy from REC first told me what was wrong I thought he said we had a bad "lay" and sent a Twitter to everyone in the universe declaring I had a bad lay. Yeah, Mrs. Coach thought that one was HIlarious) and we spent a week with half power throughout the house, which meant nothing 220 could be used and the kids and I had to drive to Mom's every day to shower. (Paul took cold showers. What a stud.)
b) The leg went out over the holiday weekend.
c) Both girls got sick with Strep
d) The bottom fell out of things at work and I cried a lot. (Exciting news to be announced on Monday - stay tuned)
e) When the electrician (my cousin, my hero) got out here to start the work, the guys operating the backhoe dug too deep and hit our main water line, thus spewing water from here to Guam and therefore causing us to be without power AND water all day yesterday.
f) The Brooks and Dunn concert scheduled for tonight has been postponed due to illness in the band. This doesn't really upset me (other than being out $90 if they don't reschedule) because frankly, I don't like country music, but Paul does so I'm excited for him, but it's just kind of the little cherry on top of the entire week's disaster sundae. I really needed to blow off some steam tonight, to be honest. Screaming amidst a group of drunk country music fans sounded kinda fun.

So I'm insanely glad today is Friday, except we let Mom and Pops off the hook for babysitting since technically Friday is their dedicated date night and we felt bad for holding them to sitting when there is no concert, BUT now we can't find a sitter so we can go to the movies.


So far not one person has submitted a question for the Blogaversary Marathon of Celebrating and I'm kinda disappointed about that. Paul says it's because I leave absolutely nothing to the imagination when I post every detail about my life. He says no one has to ask a question because sooner or later I'm going to tell it all anyway.

He might have a point.

But just in case there's a burning question (not a burning sensation - can't help you with that one) on your mind, by all means, boost my ego and ask it, for Pete's sake.

The Blogaversary Marathon of Celebrating won't be so celebrate-y if y'all don't participate!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love reading this blog because your life is so very different from mine. And I have a big question to ask. I have never been to your part of the US and from the way you describe it, it sounds kind of magical - tornadoes and possums and the Indian Casino. Could you maybe take us on a photo tour of your town and surroundings? I live smack in the middle of Boston, so it'd be a real treat to see something new. Good luck with all your craziness. You know, I would totally buy a book you wrote!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Okay, first of all, isn't Lauren the sweetest thing and didn't her comment just give you the warm fuzzies?


Okay, so let's think of a great question to ask you. HMMM...okay, here's a retarded question, cause I'm retarded. Tell us about your purse. Specifically, how often do you change purses, how often do you buy a new one, where do you get 'em, and how much crap do you carry around in one?

I'll try to come up with something better soon.

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

Damn, girl! Under normal circumstances I'd say something like, "You ain't been livin' right," but right now I'm more tempted to say I think God is pissed at Oklahoma for some reason.

Y'all didn't get smashed by tornadoes, did you?

Anonymous said...

Could we see the inside of your refrigerator? I'm thinking of doing something like that myself...taking pictures of the insides of things in my house.

What is your Myers-Briggs type? Do you feel like this is an accurate representation of your personality? I'm an INFP.

If there were no obstacles at all, nothing holding you back, EXACTLY what would you be doing right now?

Melessa Gregg said...

Paul makes me laugh! I'm bad with questiobs like these because:
1) I've got no problem telling the entire internet about my personal life, but I never know when I'm crossing the line with other people

and 2) What if I ask something you have already answered and I look silly

BUT since it's already established I have no problem making an ass of myself on the internet-I shouldn't be so nervous.

Having explained myself, my question isn't that probing or embarrassing.

Your kids have great names. How did you and Paul choose them?

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to say you keep us rollin here at work otherwise known as "the big fancy casino" hey, ya gotta have somethin to laugh at other than the shrieks of casino joy from winners, or tipsy old people. So just wanted to let you know you are much appreciated!

Jill of All Trades said...

Wow, you've had one of "those" weeks. It will surely get much, much better.

Debbie said...

Oooooh, I love-love-love the purse question!! My purse is the first thing that gets tossed into the bathtub when the tornado warnings come on TV.

I know everybody worries about blogging and work, what about blogging and family? Does most of your family know about (and/or read) the blog or not? Is there anybody you hope won't find/read it?

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