Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tooooooooooooooo much

Anyone who can keep a blog up with any semblance of regularity this time of year is a better person that I am. I can't find time to take a decent crap, much less post on my blog.

We've gotten 2 of the 4 parties we're hosting out of the way already and the next one is tomorrow night. I say "we're" hosting, but y'all know as well as I do that it's me doing all the work. God love him, my husband is just not a partier.

Saturday night was the Annual Hoover Christmas Bash and much fun was had by all. I'll try to post later today our version of The Night Before Christmas. It was by far the raunchiest one yet.

Last night Santa made a visit to Diva Ranch to see the kids a bit early. This was Santa's last visit to Diva Daycare and I'm glad I was so busy that I couldn't dwell on that. I've been a little emotional lately.

Tomorrow night is the Girl Scout troop's Christmas party. We haven't had a meeting in 3 weeks due to Thanksgiving and the kids' school program, but we're forging ahead with the party anyway. Pizza, cookie decorating and much giggling - what could be better.

Sunday is the Glenn Family Festivus Celebration. Let the tacky gifts fly! You can bet pictures will be posted.

Last night was Sam's first basketball practice. Bless his heart, considering the child has never been shown how to shoot, pass or run a play, he did great. He was late getting on a team and the other boys have 3 practices on him. One of the moms sitting next to me said, "Well, you just need to get out there and show him how to shoot a ball!" I ignored her. She then nudged me because she obviously felt it necessary to ask the fat chick " did play ball in school....didn't you?" I looked at her over my glasses (my kids know that this is never ever a good thing) and said, "I was in the Band. I was in Drama. I blog. I do not shoot basketballs nor have I ever." She said a quiet, "Oh." and then added, "Bless his heart." I love parenting politics.

Last Sunday we went to Silver Dollar City to see Santa because you know the real one goes there. All the others are posers. We stood in line over and hour and a half to see the dude and then he had the nerve to tell Tater's tots that he would not bring them a hamster. Tater was almost in tears. He said he won't bring live animals on his sleigh. Says it makes them sick. If I had been thinking clearly and hadn't been starving to death and wondering if my kids would be overly traumatized if I paid them to see a poser Santa instead of the real deal, I would've remembered that he told Abby the exact same thing one year - that no, he would not bring her a cat and that her mom and dad would have to do that. Oy vey, Santa - have a little Christmas couth, why don'tcha? Tater was behind the kids, nodding that yes, they were getting a hamster and the dude still found it in his three-sizes-too small Grinchy heart to crush their little rodenty Christmas dreams. Next year we're just going to deal with an imposter who will agree to whatever we nod behind the kids' backs.

Oh and before I go, I just wanted to let you know that I am personally on a mission to bring big hair back. 2007 is going to be The Year of Big Hair. Tell your friends. Abby even went to school yesterday was gigantic hair and thought she was the coolest thing ever. I patted her on the shoulder as she walked out the door with curls a'bouncin' and said, "Oh sissy, if you think this is great, wait till I show you how to use a teasing comb and cheap hairspray!" Grasshopper has so much to learn. I announced to Tater while I was fluffing my overly large banged hair that I was bringing sexy back along with big hair and she laughed. When I told Abby the same thing she said, "Mom, you can bring back big hair, but sexy.......not so much." My family loves me. And you know, maybe they're just wanting me to take it slow - big hair and sexy might be too much for right now.


Carrie said...

I think you have the ability to bring back anything you want. There might be a little money in it for you to bring the Smurf's and Alf back. Pleeeeease!

Melessa Gregg said...

Big hair IS coming back, and since we live in Oklahoma-has it ever really left?

Stewed Hamm said...

Coming back? Hell, did Big Hair ever leave?
I think not.

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